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Must see, 18 Arhat Arrived in Monasterycat02

18 Arhat statues from China are arrived in theVairocana Zen Monastery. Some of them are in the Zen garden. Some are around the Monastery. Their facial expression and posture make them like real. It's just incredible. Pictures can be viewed from the link,

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Karma and Me?!cat02

Student: What does karma got to do with our life? Master: We have a saying, "Every carrot has its own hole." The hole…

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True Introspection

You should be aware of what you feed your mind, as it is your responsibility. Through introspection, you will realize that what you have already fed your mind. True introspection will guide your mind to…

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Are you free?cat04

Stop what you are doing now. Do not find substitute; do not plan to do it later. Don't let anything occupy your mind now. Are you free?

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Inner Transformations

Growth is always accompanied by at least a little pain. Reality is often very simple, but our mind tends to complicate it. Focus mainly on inner transformations because they invariably…

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