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Emptiness speaks, resounding far and widecat03

Emptiness speaks, resounding far and wide, Traceless and unseen, manifesting myriad existences; Maitreya's arising like a rootless tree, Lotus step each leading the way to Realization.    

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Endless Sequelscat04

I haven't seen a movie in awhile but lately movies that have been coming out seem to be part of a series. Even movies that are already in a series have individual…

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True Liberationcat02

True liberation occurs from within.  It is intrinsic to you. It is already in your mind. Your mind has no form, but in your mind you can find true liberation. Some might believe it is necessary to go to a distant mountain or other place for the sake of liberation. However, it has nothing to do with a place outside of us. Remember that the journey – the quest – is toward liberation from our attachments. ~…

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What Do I Think about the Teaching?cat04

"As you read [Just Use This Mind], do not filter these concepts through your past experiences. There is a Zen saying, "To intend is already off-base; to think misses the truth." In other words, open your mind completely to the present moment. Only the manifestation in the present moment…

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Speed up and slow downcat04

To accelerate change, first accelerate your practice. Your practice will bring together all the right ingredients. To slow down your disturbances, first calm down your mind. Do not pedal aimlessly in turbulent water.

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