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Set Yourself Freecat02

Who or what ties you down? Only your attachments do. No one else forces you to feel the way you have. Only your habitual thought pattern does. We present ourselves through our habitual thought patterns. The thoughts and actions of all our moments arise from those habitual thought patterns. So, in order to be free you must get rid of your prejudicial, fixed thought patterns. ~ by Zen Master Miao Tsan

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The True Elephantcat03

Blind touching the elephant, nothing like the elephant, Image in the broken mirror, no longer true; Speculating, wondering, running in circles, Turn around…

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East Meets West Dialoguecat02

On Monday evening, November 8th, Master Miao Tsan and Pittman McGehee spoke to over 400 attendees at Rice University's Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious…

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If the Light of who you are is not in everyday mind, then you won't find it anywhere else because from the beginning, not a thing is.cat04

So what is this everyday mind? It is in the sound of a coffee machine and ringing cell phone. It is in the warmth of your chest and the tingling in your elbows. It is the computer screen and the people around you. It is the angel and the devil that talk in your head. It is the irritation in your gut and the urge to take a breath. It is in the air you breathe and the chair you sit on. It is the formless container from which…

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I was feeling sorry for myself this morning, and I opened my email, dreading what I might find. At the top of the Sisyphean list was the Wisdom of the Week. These little nuggets are sent out to people on a distribution list who have indicated that they are interested…

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