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You are the Buddha!cat04

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="387" caption="Anacapa - Channel Island National Park"][/caption] Master Ling Shun visits Master Gue-Zhun and ask him: "What is the Buddha?" "If I tell you, would you believe it?" "How can I not trust master's words?" "You are the Buddha!" "How can I maintain this?" "Once…

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New Year Resolution -- Build up Merit and Wisdomcat02

New year, new goal, and new action. What do you plan to work on or achieve this year? Healthier, happier, more money, or peaceful life? You name it. Secret ingredients to achieve any of the goals are merit and wisdom. Why so? Please see below from Master Miao…

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The Creator

Remember that the Mind is formless but everything in existence comes from the Mind. It is the Creator, which we also refer to as the cause without cause. Based on this source, phenomena manifest. Enlightened…

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How Fine To Sit on the Golden Purple Lotuscat04

"The famed poet Su Dong Po, of the Sung dynasty, composed the following verse to express his attainment: 'Prostrate to the heaven among the heavens, light of a single hair strand illuminates the universe. Imperturbable by the worldly winds, seated firmly upon the golden purple lotus.'…

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When we are encountering troubles in life, it means that we misuse the ability of our mind. We should correct this and we should do introspection.  Ask ourselves how, why, when, and where I manifest the karma…

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