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Letting Go and Taking Up

Freedom from attachment is letting go; doing our best is the act of taking up, or engaging. In the journey of life, we must practice both letting go and taking up. Spiritual l growth is the process of opening…

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A Dilbert Momentcat04

A meeting  in corporate America... Colleague A: "The deadline for this report is tomorrow." Colleague B: "I am all booked tomorrow - can't cancel the meetings." Colleague C: "You have the analysis I sent out last week, right?" Colleague D: "If we are not done, we are not done." Colleague E: "Did we ever promise a report?" Colleague F: "No, just a memo."…

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Others said so, I said toocat03

Others said so, I said too. Pointing here and there, while the Moon is always bright. Like the worn-out garment of Huang-Mei, Superfluous once again, painting feet on the snake. Grievance must have a culprit, debt its creditor, Name-calling is quite…

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Event: east meets west spirutual dialoguecat02

Monday, November 8, 2010 Speakers: Master Miao Tsan and J. Pittmon McGehee Rception: 5:30Pm Program Begins: 6:15PM Book Signing: 7:15PM Place:…

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Movement and Stillnesscat02

Student: What is the difference between a mundane person and a practitioner? Master: When a mundane person moves…

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