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You should notice your negative thoughts at the point of origin before they become negative emotions. When the negative emotion develops into an obsession, it will be very difficult for you to turn…

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When you are feeling down, it is your magnificent true Self that accepts the mood, just like a wealthy person temporarily feeling poor. We are free by nature but we choose to accept thoughts that limit us. In this moment, you are limiting yourself in certain ways through some ideas that you hold near and dear to your heart. You forget that there is a different choice. Let us practice remembering this fact again and again…

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Raise and Let Gocat03

Raise the mind, one hundred flowers bloom Let go, clear like a mirror To raise and to let go In the mind understand no traces        

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Slow Down...cat02

Student:  How to get started,  in order to change my habitual thinking patterns? Master: Reconstruct.  The thinking…

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Six Sensescat02

Student: Master, how do the six senses come from? Master: Every single person possesses a mind.  The mind knows everything and manifests…

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