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Image After Imagecat03

Move image, image moving, image after image arising, Water waves, waves on water, ripple after ripple born, Empty the mind, the mind of emptiness, Emptiness just is,…

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Speed up and slow downcat04

To accelerate change, first accelerate your practice. Your practice will bring together all the right ingredients. To slow down your disturbances, first calm down your mind. Do not pedal aimlessly in turbulent water.

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How Does the Mind Work?cat02

Student: How does the mind work? Master: Every single person possesses a formless mind.  In our formless mind, we have a system or pattern…

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What can you count on?cat04

When life brings challenges, what can you count on for support? Can you get relief from a good book, some sight-seeing, or visit a park? Do you need to "talk it out" or "numb it out"? Can some food or music do the trick or maybe a pill or two? Perhaps a massage too. Maybe what you need is really just one good thought - you need to think it through and make sense of it. Maybe your religion or personal philosophy of life…

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Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts, big or small, have a huge impact on your mind. A mind that is flooded with negative thoughts is absorbed by selfishness. You must stop the flow of negative thoughts. You can do it through introspection…

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