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Wild Horses on My Mat

From Dandasana, Staff Pose, I bring the sole of my right foot to the floor on the outside of the left thigh. The muscles in my hip call to me tentatively, asking if they can trust and relax or if they need to clench in fear of what I might ask them to do next. I bend my left knee, tucking my left foot near my right buttock. Breathing in, I bring my left arm up near my left ear. My hips are quieter now; I have given…

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Problem? Whom to Blame?cat02

When problem encountered, the first reaction we have is "all his/her fault". And that we act like we are the victim of the event. Sounds familiar? I am too who went through the same pattern in my entire life until learned Zen's teaching from Master…

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Everything is in youcat02

Student: What does propagating the Dharma mean? Master: The propagation of Dharma does not concentrate on a particular form: books,…

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When you are feeling down, it is your magnificent true Self that accepts the mood, just like a wealthy person temporarily feeling poor. We are free by nature but we choose to accept thoughts that limit us. In this moment, you are limiting yourself in certain ways through some ideas that you hold near and dear to your heart. You forget that there is a different choice. Let us practice remembering this fact again and again…

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Change Thoughts

Think about your own state of mind. Can you change a worried thought to a happy thought? Only if your mind is perfectly empty. If your mind is not empty, it still has ego. With…

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