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Light of Innate Naturecat03

The Light of Innate Nature, rarely recognized in life, Pervades all the corners of the Ocean and the edges of Heaven; It has fallen to the fetters of scattered phenomena, Have compassion for the unconsciously imprisoned.      

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Confused by Reasoncat04

There is a not so fine line between rational thinking and rationalization. Today you find few truly rational people who apply the power of reason and logic to seek the right course of action in life. Instead, most people abuse the gift of reason to justify their unconscious desire. Those who abuse reason almost always see themselves as rational, having little doubt in the validity of their conclusions - which is actually…

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How Fine To Sit on the Golden Purple Lotuscat04

"The famed poet Su Dong Po, of the Sung dynasty, composed the following verse to express his attainment: 'Prostrate to the heaven among the heavens, light of a single hair strand illuminates the universe. Imperturbable by the worldly winds, seated firmly upon the golden purple lotus.'…

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Seeking a Complete, Fulfilling Life?cat02

The new book, just use this mind, written by Zen Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) can guide you to the right path. "To move from this chaos toward freedom, the first thing we have to do is correct how we think and get rid of our attachment to our old, erroneous…

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Four Reliance: Part I - Rely on the Teaching, not the Personcat04

This morning I had the idea of writing about the Four Reliance, inspired by a friend who recently broke with his spiritual group. I have seen this happened often enough that I wondered what went wrong? I guess the Buddha had foreseen the confusion that future practitioners will be facing and therefore taught the Four Reliance in order to help us all stay on the right path. The Four Reliance are: Rely on the…

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