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Positive Relationshipcat02

Student: Should we have all the relationship around us be…

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When you are feeling down, it is your magnificent true Self that accepts the mood, just like a wealthy person temporarily feeling poor. We are free by nature but we choose to accept thoughts that limit us. In this moment, you are limiting yourself in certain ways through some ideas that you hold near and dear to your heart. You forget that there is a different choice. Let us practice remembering this fact again and again…

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Better Reality

  Each of us wants a better reality, so we must handle every situation with calmness of mind. Emotion is only for those who can neither accept their reality nor…

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What is Nirvana?cat02

The present moment is the Nirvana. Phenomena appear and disappear over and over. Ask yourself, what left?If you follow the phenomena, they are chaos. If you do not follow the phenomena, this is the Nirvana. If you follow the phenomena…

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Summer cucumber recipecat01

  For the hot summer, this is a very fast and healthy vegetarian recipe. This is very easy to make and tasty. Hope you enjoy it.   Ingredient: 4 mini cucumber (if regular one peel it) 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 pack of seasoned seaweed (see picture) Direction: 1. cut cucumber…

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