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Can you live without past, present, and future?cat04

Before you have this thought, you already are. After this thought goes away, you still are. No thought can add or subtract anything from your true nature. Before encountering this situation, you already are. After it is over, you still are. No situation can actually trapped you because your essence is free and transcends past, present, and future. The question is: can you live without past, present, and future? Who are…

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Right Path to Liberationcat02

Student: What is the right way to uplift myself? Master: First, set the right goal.  Second, you need motivation.…

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The Better The Mind Is, The Better The Phenomena Will Be

We tend to think, "I make decisions based on my concepts and intentions." This is not true. The decisions are already present in your mind as concepts and beliefs. Unless the basis of your decision in your mind…

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Six Senses

The six senses are the karma of our human existence. The perceptions they generate are directed by our attachments; therefore, we separate our physical body and six senses from the totality of reality. Once you…

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How To Deal With Difficult Relationship?

It is necessary to open your mind in order to understand phenomena and your purpose in life. The Mind is formless, but it can manifest phenomena. A different state of mind will create different phenomena. So,…

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