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You are not alone½cat02

Able to Learn Zen is a blessing. Start to Apply Zen's teaching in daily life is double of   the blessing.  The teaching seems so direct and simple. But yet to be able…

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"I" and Discriminationcat02

    The notion of "I" is a form of discrimination. We try to understand the world and ourselves through our discrimination. Because of the ego, our opinions, comparisons…

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Change Thoughts

Think about your own state of mind. Can you change a worried thought to a happy thought? Only if your mind is perfectly empty. If your mind is not empty, it still has ego. With…

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Just Use This Mind:Book Launch in LA, CAcat02

An official book launch was held in the Zen garden of Vairocana Zen Monastery, Garden Grove, in January 15, 2011. More than one hundred people attended the event. Master Miao Tsan, the book author of "Just Use This Mind" provided a brief talk to welcome everyone…

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Letting Go and Taking Up

Freedom from attachment is letting go; doing our best is the act of taking up, or engaging. In the journey of life, we must practice both letting go and taking up. Spiritual l growth is the process of opening…

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