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New Year Resolution -- Build up Merit and Wisdomcat02

New year, new goal, and new action. What do you plan to work on or achieve this year? Healthier, happier, more money, or peaceful life? You name it. Secret ingredients to achieve any of the goals are merit and wisdom. Why so? Please see below from Master Miao…

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Wandering Thoughtscat02

Student:  How do I deal with wandering thoughts during the meditation? Master:  When we are practicing…

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Habitual Patterns

As our human minds continuously and unconsciously give rise to mind functioning, certain patterns emerge. These patterns channel our thinking in a particular, fixed direction. Every stressful experience…

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Letting Go and Taking Up

Freedom from attachment is letting go; doing our best is the act of taking up, or engaging. In the journey of life, we must practice both letting go and taking up. Spiritual l growth is the process of opening…

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Why do we generate so many emotions? The reality is simple, but emotions are complex. If we maintain calmness of mind, we will more clearly see what should be done. Then we can move in the right direction. ¶…

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