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When you look at a flower, you may think it is either pretty or ugly, but the flower remains the flower. The reality of the flower is not affected by your perception and judgment. When you close your eyes, the…

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The Better The Mind Is, The Better The Phenomena Will Be

We tend to think, "I make decisions based on my concepts and intentions." This is not true. The decisions are already present in your mind as concepts and beliefs. Unless the basis of your decision in your mind…

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What is Truth?cat02

The new book, just use this mind, written by Zen Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) tells it all. "No theory or spiritual figure--regardless of his or her level of realization--can convey anything higher than the truth. No speaker--or the ideas he expresses--can go beyond the scope of the truth. Any…

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What Is Real?cat02

Student: What is real? Master: The moment you achieve enlightenment, you will realize it.  Before you achieve enlightenment, nothing is real. …

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"I" and Discriminationcat02

    The notion of "I" is a form of discrimination. We try to understand the world and ourselves through our discrimination. Because of the ego, our opinions, comparisons…

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