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The one who wants enlightenmentcat04

People want enlightenment, but it is more accurate to say that what they want is to know the person who wants enlightenment. Do not see enlightenment as a kind of experience, otherwise it will not have much meaning. Like any experience, it will go away. And you are left with nothing. If you know who wants enlightenment then you also know who suffered, and then you also know who caused the suffering. Now you can finally do…

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Positive Relationshipcat02

Student: Should we have all the relationship around us be…

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Have or Have Notcat04

One day a lay practitioner came to visit a Zen master and asked him, "Do heaven and hell exist?" "Yes" "How about the Buddha, the teaching, and the monastic community, do they exist?" "Yes" He went on to ask many similar questions, and the master always answered with "Yes". Puzzled, the lay practitioners said, "Master, I am afraid you are wrong." "Have you met an enlightened teacher?" "Yes, I met master Jingshan." "What…

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I was feeling sorry for myself this morning, and I opened my email, dreading what I might find. At the top of the Sisyphean list was the Wisdom of the Week. These little nuggets are sent out to people on a distribution list who have indicated that they are interested…

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Master Your Living and Dyingcat02

  Student:What is living and dying? Master:When thoughts go up and come down, this…

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