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Not to die to the lifeless selfcat03

Not to die to the lifeless self, then the immortal nature cannot come alive; Not quite alive to the immortal, then one has not quite died to the lifeless; To live with what is alive and to die to what is dead is only half correct, To die to the living so the dead…

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You should notice your negative thoughts at the point of origin before they become negative emotions. When the negative emotion develops into an obsession, it will be very difficult for you to turn…

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New Year Resolution -- Build up Merit and Wisdomcat02

New year, new goal, and new action. What do you plan to work on or achieve this year? Healthier, happier, more money, or peaceful life? You name it. Secret ingredients to achieve any of the goals are merit and wisdom. Why so? Please see below from Master Miao…

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The Night of Autumn

A white egret flies out of autumn reeds across misty water; A swallow returns to its dry nest

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Hobby vs Practicecat02

Student: Should I put down my hobby once I become a Zen practitioner? Master: People think they need to put down their hobbies, attachments,…

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