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What Do I Think about the Teaching?cat04

"As you read [Just Use This Mind], do not filter these concepts through your past experiences. There is a Zen saying, "To intend is already off-base; to think misses the truth." In other words, open your mind completely to the present moment. Only the manifestation in the present moment…

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What is Nirvana?cat02

Student:  What is Nirvana? Master: The present moment is the Nirvana. Phenomena appear and disappear over and over. Ask yourself, what…

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Make Moment Better

You must realize that the mind has the ability to create both positive and negative phenomena. If you create positive thoughts, you will have health and wealth. However, if your mind turns toward negativity, you will face even more obstacles. It is a fact that life works this way, Therefore, guide your mind toward calmness and put an end to negativity.

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New book coming soon: "just use this mind"cat02

Great news... The new English book, "just use this mind", written by Rev. Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) will be available in October 2010. You may pre-order it from Amazon now

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Identification with 'things'cat04

Life is filled with 'things', both material and otherwise. There are relationships and feelings. There is the summer heat on your face, and the hunger for food, success, and recognition that drives you to eat, to work, to play and to rest. Then there are those ideas in your head. Every moment you are bombarded with 'things' - you see them, hear them, feel them, or think about them. But in the midst of them all, do you know…

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