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Summer begins, soft and colorful, Time resembles flowing light, The south wind slowly gathers blossoms in its arms. In the midst of night, flowers…

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How Does the Mind Work?cat02

Student: How does the mind work? Master: Every single person possesses a formless mind.  In our formless mind, we have a system or pattern…

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What Do I Think about the Teaching?cat04

"As you read [Just Use This Mind], do not filter these concepts through your past experiences. There is a Zen saying, "To intend is already off-base; to think misses the truth." In other words, open your mind completely to the present moment. Only the manifestation in the present moment…

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Forever Youngcat01

Like many Americans of my generation, I always thought growing old was something other, more uptight, people did. I'm young at heart, and while I've collected more knowledge and have gained more respect for wisdom over the years, my world-view remains basically as optimistic and energetic as when…

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Why Enlightenment - Continuedcat02

From Zen Master Miao Tsan, "True liberation is the ability to remain in a state of complete freedom in the midst of imperma­nence. It is the ability to live in this changing world from an unchanging oneness of mind and matter. In…

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