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To keep a fresh mindcat04

Zen has the idea of the beginner's mind - a mind that is fresh and alive. Sometimes I wonder how you can practice beginner's mind when meditation is all about focusing on one thing only - it seems a very stagnant way of using the mind. One would at first think to practice beginner's mind is to keep it moving, keep everything "new". But actually the best way is just the opposite; it is only through repetitiveness that we…

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Merit and the Mindcat02

Student:  Does cleaning Buddha statues create more merit then sweeping the floor? Master: Dharma is everything; everything is dharma. It…

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I have been rude!cat04

A monk came to Master Pu-An to test his realization. Immediately Master Pu-An hit the monk with a staff, and the monk stepped forward and grabbed it. Master said, "I have been rude!" The monk then took the staff and hit Master Pu-An instead. Master said to the monk, "You are really good, really good!" The monk then bowed to the Master and the Master stopped him. "This time you are rude." Master said. The monk laughed out-loud.…

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If the Light of who you are is not in everyday mind, then you won't find it anywhere else because from the beginning, not a thing is.cat04

So what is this everyday mind? It is in the sound of a coffee machine and ringing cell phone. It is in the warmth of your chest and the tingling in your elbows. It is the computer screen and the people around you. It is the angel and the devil that talk in your head. It is the irritation in your gut and the urge to take a breath. It is in the air you breathe and the chair you sit on. It is the formless container from which…

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Subconscious Levelcat02

Student:  What is the difference between conscious and subconscious? Master:  Every single moment we have brainwaves. …

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