Seeing the situation is seeing your mind

        "Seeing the situation you are in is seeing the manifestation of your mind. No one else but yourself to blame thus take the full credit or responsibility. " This is the teaching from Master Miao Tsan that I am contemplating in past few weeks. It sounds easy but it is not. At first when I tried, I didn't think it will be hard, for example when I saw the food spell out when I was eating then I knew "oh! I am not careful and I should take the responsibility of being not careful." So I think, I am doing the home work that master gave us. But when I was discipline my son and he talked back, I start to get mad, and insist what I told him to do is right, and my voice raised. All of the sudden my husband said: "seeing your mind!" At that moment my brain went blank. I believe I was practicing what master taught us, and was proud that I used it very often, but when I am getting into the conflict, I totally forget about what master say or my mind. All I want to do is to say the last word, to win the argument, to make my son listen to me. Can you picture that? That situation is heated discussion, anger, refuse, rejection, arrogant, pride, mad and stubborn. Where is the emptiness, awarness, calmness, clarity or anything that Master taught us? But at that time it is very hard to believe everything is the reflection of my mind. Not only hard to believe that angry mother is me, but also that stubborn kid and crying baby and tons to mad, angry negative thoughts that's all reflecting my mind. what a shock! But that is the truth: My mind created everthing and I have to take the full responsibility no matter willingly or not; because causality apply to everyone and everymoment. How glad am I to know this important truth, I will keep on practicing it; keep it in my mind all the time!

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  1. Jennifer:
    May 20, 2011 at 03:04 PM

    This is something that I struggle with myself. I need to remember that I am the sole creator of my life, so only I have the ability to change it.

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