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Become Better or Worse, Your Choicecat02

Our thoughts change constantly. Our physical body changes constantly. The entire world changes constantly. This is all part of what we call impermanence. And impermanence…

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Karma Effet

When we blame someone for a problem, we try to separate ourselves from our karma. Can anyone really separate a phenomenon into parts? One part is us, and the other part is outside of us? A phenomenon…

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Learn From Mistake

Face the truth within you, so you can transform your karma. Every obstacle that manifests in our life is simply a reflection of our inner stagnation. When we use our mind improperly, we create karma that leads to suffering.…

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Just Use This Mind:Book Launch in LA, CAcat02

An official book launch was held in the Zen garden of Vairocana Zen Monastery, Garden Grove, in January 15, 2011. More than one hundred people attended the event. Master Miao Tsan, the book author of "Just Use This Mind" provided a brief talk to welcome everyone…

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Overlapping Onenesscat02

Student: When a person creates phenomenon, people around the person also create phenomenon, right?  Can phenomenon created by other people related to…

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