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Life Can Be Truly Grandcat04

"We are sole cultivators of our own lives, so only by withdrawing from the proliferation of all the homeless, wandering thoughts can we master our own lives. It has been said: 'Life's trials and tribulations are many, created by oneself and experienced…

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Time to Practice!cat04

Master Miao Tsan in his upcoming book The Origin is Pure wrote: Whenever you feel stranded by external environment, in reality you are trapped by your internal thoughts. Do you recognize this truth in your own life? Can you identify the internal thought and let it go? It's time to practice!!  

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Must see, 18 Arhat Arrived in Monasterycat02

18 Arhat statues from China are arrived in theVairocana Zen Monastery. Some of them are in the Zen garden. Some are around the Monastery. Their facial expression and posture make them like real. It's just incredible. Pictures can be viewed from the link,

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Positive Relationshipcat02

Student: Should we have all the relationship around us be…

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The way we seecat04

The way we see is the way we go blind. Seeing always involves some evaluation, and any evaluation one makes can never be one hundred percent accurate and it always changes with time. The perfect evaluation, if there is such thing, is to make no evaluation, to have no opinion other than accepting the way things manifest right now. This is not yet the truth but at least the best approximation our ego can manage. To let go the…

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