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Why Enlightenment - Continuedcat02

From Zen Master Miao Tsan, "True liberation is the ability to remain in a state of complete freedom in the midst of imperma­nence. It is the ability to live in this changing world from an unchanging oneness of mind and matter. In…

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Eventually we must clean up every opinion and every like and dislike in us. They will all become junk. All junks are self created like the piles of stuff in our garage. Remember, we are the ones who brought them home.

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Subconscious Levelcat02

Student:  What is the difference between conscious and subconscious? Master:  Every single moment we have brainwaves. …

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Minding My Mannerscat05

The Mind is both the entry to life as well as the exit for all our problems. So to change our life and resolve out problems, we must start with the Mind--the source of all phenomena--by changing our thoughts.* Recently, I caught myself whining that my children were not using particularly nice table manners.…

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Calm Mindcat02

Student: How to stay calm in hectic daily activities? Master: When the situation comes up, one must first perceive the situation as it…

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