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Flexible Mind Leads to Realitycat02

Most of the time, we are occupied by our own judgment. We define the person we see and circumstances we encountered. We live in our own definition. Sad but true. Master Miao Tsan in his new book tells a Koan (story) to let us know why we are who we are and…

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Student: How to maintain mindfulness in the day? Master: If you want to practice mindfulness, try to create different calmness in mind.…

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Express Yourself!cat05

We're in the process of editing the Master's next book, The Origin Is Pure, in English. It's a fascinating process; every time I work on it, I learn something new about the Master's teaching--which I would expect--and the editorial process also gives me new understanding--which is like bonus enlightenment.…

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Hobby vs Practicecat02

Student: Should I put down my hobby once I become a Zen practitioner? Master: People think they need to put down their hobbies, attachments,…

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Summer cucumber recipecat01

  For the hot summer, this is a very fast and healthy vegetarian recipe. This is very easy to make and tasty. Hope you enjoy it.   Ingredient: 4 mini cucumber (if regular one peel it) 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 pack of seasoned seaweed (see picture) Direction: 1. cut cucumber…

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