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Radiant Beingscat04

We are pure Light, that is our true nature. We are radiant beings because this inner Light shines through everything we see, hear, and do. To radiate and expand is our nature. This Light is neutral by itself but always takes on the coloration of our thoughts. Complaint is an energy field. To complain about something or to hear complaint are both choices we made because we have created an energy field of darkness and violence. When…

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Real "I"cat02

Student:  Master, what is the main point of the Heart Sutra? Master: The true meaning of the Heart Sutra is trying to tell us that…

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Why do we generate so many emotions? The reality is simple, but emotions are complex. If we maintain calmness of mind, we will more clearly see what should be done. Then we can move in the right direction. ¶…

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Others said so, I said toocat03

Others said so, I said too. Pointing here and there, while the Moon is always bright. Like the worn-out garment of Huang-Mei, Superfluous once again, painting feet on the snake. Grievance must have a culprit, debt its creditor, Name-calling is quite…

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