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Simple Solutions for Parentscat05

A simple answer to a hard age-old question and a good introduction to Zen for children

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Equality Of All Beingscat02

It is important that we realize the fundamental equality of all beings. First of all, everyone possesses a mind. This is equality. Every person's mind can generate thoughts,…

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Rely on Universal Truth, not conventional truth.cat04

The common explanation of this teaching is always with regard to the written words of the Buddha, who taught what many considered as conventional truths - concepts and practices that addressed only particular situations. The sutras, the recorded teachings of the Buddha, has therefore been categorized into those containing conventional truths and those containing universal truth that is without exception. The recommendation…

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Karma of Fearcat04

In Buddhism, there is the teaching of karma. It is often explained like the financial system - if you take from someone, you have to pay back. If you have given to someone in the past, then he or she will pay you back. Such understanding of karma is based on fear and greed. On one hand if life demands a lot from you, then you call that a bad or heavy karma; if situation and people tend to accommodate or favor you, then…

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The "Real" Zen Hall

When students have problems or difficulties. My first and best instruction is simply advise them to enter the Zen hall, whether at a Zen center or just a quiet place in your home, burn incense, make prostration,…

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