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Life Can Be Truly Grandcat04

"We are sole cultivators of our own lives, so only by withdrawing from the proliferation of all the homeless, wandering thoughts can we master our own lives. It has been said: 'Life's trials and tribulations are many, created by oneself and experienced…

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Gate Keepercat04

Every difficult situation always leads you to a single thought that you cannot go beyond. "I can't do this." "There is not enough time." "He is so controlling." "I have to ....." " I can't..... " "I should..... shouldn't......" "It's impossible to ...." "I don't care....." "Why can't he understand?" "People are just lazy.".... Whatever the thought is, it is like a gate keeper. No matter what you try, you will always come…

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Think Againcat02

If you feel uncomfortable with someone in the course of your daily life, check within yourself immediately, because a negative thought pattern is active at that moment. Identify the pattern and then let it go.…

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Light of Innate Naturecat03

The Light of Innate Nature, rarely recognized in life, Pervades all the corners of the Ocean and the edges of Heaven; It has fallen to the fetters of scattered phenomena, Have compassion for the unconsciously imprisoned.      

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