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To Be Like Watercat05

Lao Zu, an ancient Chinese philosopher once stated thus: "the greatest good is to be like water." This saying I have found most helpful in everyday life…

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The Same Clancat03

Soldiers guarding the border at the order of an ignorant emperor, Holding their ground with determination and bloodshed; Guns ring and the sound of thunderous explosions filling the sky, Killing one another, not recognizing that all belonged to the same clan.      

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Holding up a flower, the Buddha's scriptures are not usedcat03

Holding up a flower, the Buddha's scriptures are not used, Facing the wall of the Mind, all future births cease forever; Where can the descendant of the Patriarchs be found? Seeing through the Void, the Moon is thus Luminous.…

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Looking for a Better you?cat02

Do you want to improve yourself? Yes. Then we need to realize the meaning of impermanence--every single moment is changing. The thought is changing; our physical body is changing; the environment is changing. People have fears that they are going to lose…

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Student: Is intention very important? Master:  Yes, it is very important. Our intention is like the doors of our mind.…

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