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Stay Low in the Boatcat05

The Mind is like water that can either give a ship buoyancy or sink it. When we have the ability to generate the thoughts we desire, we are able to bring forth the life we want. When we lack mastery over our mind, we become the victim of our own mind functioning.…

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Subconscious Levelcat02

Student:  What is the difference between conscious and subconscious? Master:  Every single moment we have brainwaves. …

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No More Fightingcat05

Master gave an intriguing lecture today, which I will try to summarize. We are always getting into never-ending fights with the people close to us, because we keep trying to defend ourselves or fight…

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Wandering Thoughtscat02

Student:  How do I deal with wandering thoughts during the meditation? Master:  When we are practicing…

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Dettach From Phenomena

We have many issues in our lives. It is fair to say that every person has his or her own challenge. Each of us has built a wall, so it is our personal task to knock it down. This is a challenge, but…

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