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Can you live without past, present, and future?cat04

Before you have this thought, you already are. After this thought goes away, you still are. No thought can add or subtract anything from your true nature. Before encountering this situation, you already are. After it is over, you still are. No situation can actually trapped you because your essence is free and transcends past, present, and future. The question is: can you live without past, present, and future? Who are…

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You are not alone½cat02

Able to Learn Zen is a blessing. Start to Apply Zen's teaching in daily life is double of   the blessing.  The teaching seems so direct and simple. But yet to be able…

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Habitual Patterns

As our human minds continuously and unconsciously give rise to mind functioning, certain patterns emerge. These patterns channel our thinking in a particular, fixed direction. Every stressful experience…

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I have been rude!cat04

A monk came to Master Pu-An to test his realization. Immediately Master Pu-An hit the monk with a staff, and the monk stepped forward and grabbed it. Master said, "I have been rude!" The monk then took the staff and hit Master Pu-An instead. Master said to the monk, "You are really good, really good!" The monk then bowed to the Master and the Master stopped him. "This time you are rude." Master said. The monk laughed out-loud.…

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Set Your Directioncat02

We create our own reality. Your reality is the world you mind has created. Every person possesses a mind. The Mind is formless but can generate…

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