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Better Reality

  Each of us wants a better reality, so we must handle every situation with calmness of mind. Emotion is only for those who can neither accept their reality nor…

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East Meets West Dialoguecat02

On Monday evening, November 8th, Master Miao Tsan and Pittman McGehee spoke to over 400 attendees at Rice University's Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious…

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A Master's Blessingcat02

Once a Zen master was invited to bless a grandfather's birthday celebration. The Master wrote, "Grandfather dies, father dies; son dies, grandson dies." The grandfather was very upset by this…

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Essence Of All Existence

You are more than the sum of your thoughts and emotions. You have potential for unlimited creation and growth, but you must employ the right tools of the mind. Each drop of water contains the taste of all water; every moment…

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Master Your Living and Dyingcat02

  Student:What is living and dying? Master:When thoughts go up and come down, this…

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