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Hunger and satisfactioncat01

I read the wisdom of the week of this week  "Just as intellectual discussion about food cannot satisfy hunger, wisdom cannot come from outside oneself."  Hunger has been the driven factor for human being for a long time, and the basic level of surviving nutrition has been…

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Karma is created by each thought the mind generates, If you focus on the right practice, your karma can be changed. When your body is in harmony with your surroundings, you can focus on the practice. ¶…

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Real Practicecat02

Student: Master, how to apply "nothing beyond the mind" in our daily life? Master: When we see something, we see the function…

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University of Houston Lecturescat02

Today at the University of Houston, Master Miao Tsan spoke to students in three classes of the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship about opening a window of wisdom for young minds. Carlos Ortega, Assistant professor and Bill Sherril, Profesor and founder of the…

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Is this a habitual thought?

Just completed this morning Zen-Seven Retreat at the monastery and over lunch, a few fellow practitioners and I came up with a question: "How do you know if a thought is a habitual thought or a wondering thought instead of a pure thought?" Our answer is: "You must know from where the thought arise. If you do, then it is a pure thought. If you don't, then it is habitual thought." What is your answer?

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