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What is Nirvana?cat02

Student:  What is Nirvana? Master: The present moment is the Nirvana. Phenomena appear and disappear over and over. Ask yourself, what…

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Wondering about wandering thoughtscat02

Student: Where do wandering thoughts come from during meditation? Master: Every single moment your mind is working for you, and every…

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Nirvana By Nauture

People tend to solve life's problem by solving external issues, but fail to grasp the roots of their problems. These problems are the habits and attachments within the mind. So, remember that the best way to change…

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Stay Low in the Boatcat05

The Mind is like water that can either give a ship buoyancy or sink it. When we have the ability to generate the thoughts we desire, we are able to bring forth the life we want. When we lack mastery over our mind, we become the victim of our own mind functioning.…

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Judgments are not just negative thoughts; they are all the suffering you go through in life. Your resistance to people and situation is your judgment.

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