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What do you believe?cat04

Try to remember something you believed so strongly that your life was completely driven by it -  you thought you will never change or go away from it - and yet today you no longer believe it. It could be an accomplishment, a relationship, a religious or philosophical faith or conviction. Whatever it was, it is a belief. Do you remember having such belief? If you do, then compare that to anything you believe today. Are you…

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Student: Why there is no outside? Master: Nothing is beyond the mind. Energy cannot be separated or divided. Phenomena are together…

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How can we let go?cat02

The mind is formless, but we allow it to become occupied by habitual thought patterns. So, how can we let go? I will show you. If I hold an apple in my hand but reach for…

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East Meets West Dialoguecat02

On Monday evening, November 8th, Master Miao Tsan and Pittman McGehee spoke to over 400 attendees at Rice University's Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious…

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Flexible Mind

The mind frame of a child is not yet mature, so we must nurture it and guide it. In the grand universe, we humans are still children, needing to find our way. We should not cling too tightly to what we believe. The…

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