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Flexible Mind Leads to Realitycat02

Most of the time, we are occupied by our own judgment. We define the person we see and circumstances we encountered. We live in our own definition. Sad but true. Master Miao Tsan in his new book tells a Koan (story) to let us know why we are who we are and…

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When we are encountering troubles in life, it means that we misuse the ability of our mind. We should correct this and we should do introspection.  Ask ourselves how, why, when, and where I manifest the karma…

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I Have Nothingcat04

Look around you right now, what do you really have? Is there anything that truly belonged to you? Look inside yourself, is there a single thought, idea, feeling, sensation that is really yours? Surely they must have begun sometime in the past and destine to change. Even your sense of self - the sense of "I" as an individual - didn't seem to have a long history. What is your earliest memory? When you were three or four years…

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Master Miao Tsan in UC Irvinecat02

Master Miao Tsan met students of University of California, Irvine at the Student Center last night, January 12, 2010. A heated Q&A session was provided to look insight into Universal Truth & Oneness, just use this mind. Very informative. And feedbacks from…

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Truth in full bloom, arisen in Mind alone. Moons in a thousand rivers, illumined in emptiness - awareness; Should…

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