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Realize The Mind Through The Form

No matter what we are doing or thinking right now, the only thing we should do is to manifest the reality based on the purity of our mind. This means that we do everything to match the purity of our mind and to…

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Six Senses

The six senses are the karma of our human existence. The perceptions they generate are directed by our attachments; therefore, we separate our physical body and six senses from the totality of reality. Once you…

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How To Manifest A Better Reality

The human mind is always plagued by greed, anger and ignorance. This is because it has not been cleansed of habitual patterns. If your mind is not pure, how can your energy be pure? It cannot! Remember that a pure…

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Problem? Whom to Blame?cat02

When problem encountered, the first reaction we have is "all his/her fault". And that we act like we are the victim of the event. Sounds familiar? I am too who went through the same pattern in my entire life until learned Zen's teaching from Master…

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Wondering about wandering thoughtscat02

Student: Where do wandering thoughts come from during meditation? Master: Every single moment your mind is working for you, and every…

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