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True Liberationcat02

True liberation occurs from within.  It is intrinsic to you. It is already in your mind. Your mind has no form, but in your mind you can find true liberation. Some might believe it is necessary to go to a distant mountain or other place for the sake of liberation. However, it has nothing to do with a place outside of us. Remember that the journey – the quest – is toward liberation from our attachments. ~…

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When you are feeling down, it is your magnificent true Self that accepts the mood, just like a wealthy person temporarily feeling poor. We are free by nature but we choose to accept thoughts that limit us. In this moment, you are limiting yourself in certain ways through some ideas that you hold near and dear to your heart. You forget that there is a different choice. Let us practice remembering this fact again and again…

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Mind the Body, Mind the Mindcat04

Feel your body right now and notice any tension that is present. Now try to become conscious of how your mind creates that tension in the body. This is the practice of the Mind teaching of Zen because without the mind, the body won't be alive; without the mind, the body will not have tension nor comfort. If reality is our creation, then this body is certainly a Mind-made reality. If we cannot realize the inseparable nature…

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Projection Makes Perceptioncat04

The world we see merely reflects our own internal frame of reference-the dominant ideas, wishes and emotions in our minds. "Projection makes perception". We look inside first, decide the kind of world we want to see and then project that world outside, making it the truth as we see it. ¶ A Course in Miracles ¶   How can we practice this? Always challenge our perception and remember, "It does not have…

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Cause and Effectcat04

Problems do not exist before you think, they appear afterward. If this moment is truly honored as it is - you will see that all is well. The moment you give the tiniest room for thinking, problems will come back. So you say if I don't think about a problem, how can I solve it? Solutions do not come from thinking, in fact, it appears when you naturally respond to a situation as it presents itself. Is thinking useful at all…

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