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Zen Musiccat05

Hello, everyone. I have just returned from a brief visit to Vairocana Zen Monastery and my friend, Venerable Master Miao Tsan. Like each visit…

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Purify Your Mind

People tend to assume that spirituality and the mundane life are separate, but this is not so. Spirituality and the mundane are of one mind. We use the same mind whether we engage in spiritual…

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Why Are You Such a Pain?cat05

Encounters with certain people, for example, may tend to trigger confrontational interactions. While we can easily justify our dislike of another person, the real question worth asking is why does this person manifest in our reality in the first place? Why does his or her presence bring about such…

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Wondering about wandering thoughtscat02

Student: Where do wandering thoughts come from during meditation? Master: Every single moment your mind is working for you, and every…

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Slow Down...cat02

Student:  How to get started,  in order to change my habitual thinking patterns? Master: Reconstruct.  The thinking…

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