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Present Momentcat02

When we are uplifted, we do not deliberately change anything . After all, nothing is carried into this moment. Instead, we use the mind to generate a better function. If, in this moment, you can generate a smiling thought instead of a crying thought, you are actively uplifting yourself. So, each moment is one of liberation in which you are set free. It is not that you are changing a negative karma to a positive…

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East Meets West Dialoguecat02

On Monday evening, November 8th, Master Miao Tsan and Pittman McGehee spoke to over 400 attendees at Rice University's Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious…

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True Liberationcat02

True liberation occurs from within.  It is intrinsic to you. It is already in your mind. Your mind has no form, but in your mind you can find true liberation. Some might believe it is necessary to go to a distant mountain or other place for the sake of liberation. However, it has nothing to do with a place outside of us. Remember that the journey – the quest – is toward liberation from our attachments. ~…

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To the True Selfcat03

No trespassing, This place cannot be known to man; No recognition of appearances, Do not complain for the lack of courtesy. Here is the Joyful Dwelling of the True Self.      

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What is Nirvana?cat02

Student:  What is Nirvana? Master: The present moment is the Nirvana. Phenomena appear and disappear over and over. Ask yourself, what…

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