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Going Around In Circles Forevercat05

  Does it sometimes feel as if you are just caught up in the same routine, endlessly repeating the same mundane actions over and over? Seeing the same sights? Doing the same things? Eating the same foods? Surrounded by the same…

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Gate Keepercat04

Every difficult situation always leads you to a single thought that you cannot go beyond. "I can't do this." "There is not enough time." "He is so controlling." "I have to ....." " I can't..... " "I should..... shouldn't......" "It's impossible to ...." "I don't care....." "Why can't he understand?" "People are just lazy.".... Whatever the thought is, it is like a gate keeper. No matter what you try, you will always come…

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Wisdom Within You

Just as intellectual discussion about food cannot satisfy hunger, wisdom cannot come from outside oneself. When we blame someone or something for a problem, we are trying to separate ourselves from our karma.…

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At Peace with Meditationcat01

With modern research techniques, the concept of meditation in the minds of the western world has moved so far beyond the 1970s crunchy stereotype that medical practitioners are wholeheartedly recommending it to their patients, both for wellness and for healing.…

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Calmness and Wisdomcat02

Student: Does calmness make things clearer? Master:  Yes. With calmness in mind, you will be able to have more powers to generate right thoughts  to handle the reality.  Different status in mind creates different level of calmness in mind.  you treat people  differently which leads to a different result.  This is what I mean to elevate calmness and to elevate your wisdom.  After…

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