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Dettach From Phenomena

We have many issues in our lives. It is fair to say that every person has his or her own challenge. Each of us has built a wall, so it is our personal task to knock it down. This is a challenge, but…

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Change is necessary if you want to make progress in life. If you are reluctant to change, everything including your problems will remain the same. Remember that your thoughts and explanations are excuses. They are not…

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Do you sleep well?cat04

Have you noticed how a child live? She plays hard, cries out loud, enjoys each and every moment without hang ups and inhibitions. She never holds grudge against your moods and attachments, and she lets bygones be bygones. She has no judgments or label on people or things. She is at peace within herself. And when the day is done, we say good night, she sleeps deep and sweet. Are you at peace? Can you hold your emotions in…

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The Answer Is In The Question?!!cat02

I was amazed when I heard the phrase long time ago. Today still is from Zen Master Miao Tsan's teaching... "There is a Zen saying that 'the answer is in the question.' The answer will present itself when there is a true understanding of the root of the question.…

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Light of Innate Naturecat03

The Light of Innate Nature, rarely recognized in life, Pervades all the corners of the Ocean and the edges of Heaven; It has fallen to the fetters of scattered phenomena, Have compassion for the unconsciously imprisoned.      

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