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What do you believe?cat04

Try to remember something you believed so strongly that your life was completely driven by it -  you thought you will never change or go away from it - and yet today you no longer believe it. It could be an accomplishment, a relationship, a religious or philosophical faith or conviction. Whatever it was, it is a belief. Do you remember having such belief? If you do, then compare that to anything you believe today. Are you…

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Way to the Truthcat02

Remember that the truth cannot be perceived through habitual thinking. The truth exists for all time and in all realms. You will not find it by floundering on the sea of worry and confusion.…

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The Flower Of The Self

  Thousand - foot waterfall flows into the deep pond; High waves hit off the bank and splash onto deities. Behind the water a bird flies back to its nest in a tree; Unencumbered by the four seasons, the flower of the…

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Forever Youngcat01

Like many Americans of my generation, I always thought growing old was something other, more uptight, people did. I'm young at heart, and while I've collected more knowledge and have gained more respect for wisdom over the years, my world-view remains basically as optimistic and energetic as when…

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New Yearcat01

Last Sunday is Chinese New Year, Chinese all over the world was celebrating this day. But what is new? what is old? Every moment is new, as master taught us "all the phenomenon generate and disappear at the same exact moment; that is the universal truth of impermanent!" So Every moment is new and every moment is leaving us right now too. You may say then there is nothing to celebrate; but why don't we look at it in a positive…

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