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The reason to let gocat02

A student asked me, "Master, how can I let go of my attachments? If I let go, what will be left?" Consider the moon and the star. They continue to light the sky as you sleep.…

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The Creator

Remember that the Mind is formless but everything in existence comes from the Mind. It is the Creator, which we also refer to as the cause without cause. Based on this source, phenomena manifest. Enlightened…

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I Have Nothingcat04

Look around you right now, what do you really have? Is there anything that truly belonged to you? Look inside yourself, is there a single thought, idea, feeling, sensation that is really yours? Surely they must have begun sometime in the past and destine to change. Even your sense of self - the sense of "I" as an individual - didn't seem to have a long history. What is your earliest memory? When you were three or four years…

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Going Around In Circles Forevercat05

  Does it sometimes feel as if you are just caught up in the same routine, endlessly repeating the same mundane actions over and over? Seeing the same sights? Doing the same things? Eating the same foods? Surrounded by the same…

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Mind and Emptinesscat03

Just when the Mind functions, There is no mind to function with, Without intent, the Mind simply functions, Functioning just in emptiness.        

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