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Real Practicecat02

Student: Master, how to apply "nothing beyond the mind" in our daily life? Master: When we see something, we see the function…

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I was sick last week, very sick. At that time I do have the chance really spend some quality time with Master Miao Tsan's book. When I read " Physical body is the reflection…

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Four Star Daycat05

Encounters with certain people, for example, may tend to trigger confrontational interactions. While we can easily justify our dislike of another person, the real question worth asking is why does this person manifest in our reality in…

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Amusing Samsaracat03

Turn over the bed in the monk's quarters, Puncture the fantasy, the stars in the eyes; Amusing samsara in his palm, Golden Ox dances away.        

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Wisdom of Master: How to Reach the Other Shore?cat02

When we define the truth, we are losing the truth. Put down all the definition. Without any definition,we reach the other shore. In every single moment, the truth is there, but our definition pushes the truth away. It is unnecessary to put any definition. Reality is…

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