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Why do we generate so many emotions? The reality is simple, but emotions are complex. If we maintain calmness of mind, we will more clearly see what should be done. Then we can move in the right direction. ¶…

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We Create Our Own Realitycat02

"We have self-attachment which we attach to our perceptions in mind. Whenever we encounter the reality in every single moment, based on our perceptions, we define the reality.  That…

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Summer begins, soft and colorful, Time resembles flowing light, The south wind slowly gathers blossoms in its arms. In the midst of night, flowers…

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The "Real" Zen Hall

When students have problems or difficulties. My first and best instruction is simply advise them to enter the Zen hall, whether at a Zen center or just a quiet place in your home, burn incense, make prostration,…

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Subconscious Levelcat02

Student:  What is the difference between conscious and subconscious? Master:  Every single moment we have brainwaves. …

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