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Six Sensescat02

Student: Master, how do the six senses come from? Master: Every single person possesses a mind.  The mind knows everything and manifests…

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Judgments are not just negative thoughts; they are all the suffering you go through in life. Your resistance to people and situation is your judgment.

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The Better The Mind Is, The Better The Phenomena Will Be

We tend to think, "I make decisions based on my concepts and intentions." This is not true. The decisions are already present in your mind as concepts and beliefs. Unless the basis of your decision in your mind…

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Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts, big or small, have a huge impact on your mind. A mind that is flooded with negative thoughts is absorbed by selfishness. You must stop the flow of negative thoughts. You can do it through introspection…

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Turn the Cornercat02

Every person has habitual thought patterns. As ordinary individuals, we are attached to the patterns we have created. However, spiritual sages remain free of such hindrances. when a…

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