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If our lives have difficulties in our relationships and other situations, it indicates that we are tied down by habitual thought patterns. So, we must open up a better reality. First, though, we must open our…

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Whether you are spiritual or not, whether or not you are wealthy or of respectable status, suffering and dissatisfaction are the unavoidable experience of all human being. Suffering is caused by attachments…

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Right Path to Liberationcat02

Student: What is the right way to uplift myself? Master: First, set the right goal.  Second, you need motivation.…

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What Is Zen?cat02

From East to West, Zen has been a sizzling topic. Depends on individual background, different people have different understanding of what Zen is. With a right understanding to begin with is very critical to avoid wasting time and effort. What is Zen actually?…

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What is Truth?cat02

The new book, just use this mind, written by Zen Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) tells it all. "No theory or spiritual figure--regardless of his or her level of realization--can convey anything higher than the truth. No speaker--or the ideas he expresses--can go beyond the scope of the truth. Any…

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