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We Create Our Own Realitycat02

"We have self-attachment which we attach to our perceptions in mind. Whenever we encounter the reality in every single moment, based on our perceptions, we define the reality.  That…

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Gains and Lossescat04

Don't see a situation in terms of gains and losses, instead realize it is only reflecting what you have created. Nothing is ever given, nothing is ever taken away.

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The Creator

Remember that the Mind is formless but everything in existence comes from the Mind. It is the Creator, which we also refer to as the cause without cause. Based on this source, phenomena manifest. Enlightened…

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Overlapping Onenesscat02

Student: When a person creates phenomenon, people around the person also create phenomenon, right?  Can phenomenon created by other people related to…

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Liberation and Youcat02

Student: Master, what is liberation? Does it apply to everyone? Master: When you can liberate yourself from your angry thoughts, this is…

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