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Wondering about wandering thoughtscat02

Student: Where do wandering thoughts come from during meditation? Master: Every single moment your mind is working for you, and every…

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Wisdom of Master: How to Reach the Other Shore?cat02

When we define the truth, we are losing the truth. Put down all the definition. Without any definition,we reach the other shore. In every single moment, the truth is there, but our definition pushes the truth away. It is unnecessary to put any definition. Reality is…

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Realize The Mind Through The Form

No matter what we are doing or thinking right now, the only thing we should do is to manifest the reality based on the purity of our mind. This means that we do everything to match the purity of our mind and to…

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The Flower Of The Self

  Thousand - foot waterfall flows into the deep pond; High waves hit off the bank and splash onto deities. Behind the water a bird flies back to its nest in a tree; Unencumbered by the four seasons, the flower of the…

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