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Event: New Book Launch in Los Angles, CAcat02

Please join Venerable Master Miao Tsan for conversation and refreshments, to share ideas for future events, and to celebrate the official launch of his new book Just Use This Mind Date: January 15, 2011, 2:00PM - 4:00PM Place:…

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Koan: Fire seeking firecat04

The warden of the monastery had long been in the presence of Master Yuan Yi, yet never once asked for dharma instruction in person. One day Master Yuan Yi asked the warden, "Why don't you come for an interview?" "Abbot, you don't know?! I already found the entry point to the Way when I studied at Green Forest." "Well, then show me." "Someone asked "What is the Buddha?" Master Green Forest said, "Fire seeking fire."" "Words…

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Trees Don't Suffercat05

You inevitably make your own suffering. No one can make you suffer. A little bit of erroneous thinking leads to a little bit of suffering. Too much thinking leads to too much suffering. When will it ever end? Perhaps when…

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How to Find Happiness?cat02

Everyone is looking for happiness. But do we really know what is happiness and/or how to find it? The new book, just use this mind, written by Zen Master Miao Tsan has a sounding explanation for it. "The most important issue today is the over-emphasis of materi­alistic pursuits. The thought that brings…

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Not to die to the lifeless selfcat03

Not to die to the lifeless self, then the immortal nature cannot come alive; Not quite alive to the immortal, then one has not quite died to the lifeless; To live with what is alive and to die to what is dead is only half correct, To die to the living so the dead…

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