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Wisdom Within You

Just as intellectual discussion about food cannot satisfy hunger, wisdom cannot come from outside oneself. When we blame someone or something for a problem, we are trying to separate ourselves from our karma.…

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Trees Don't Suffercat05

You inevitably make your own suffering. No one can make you suffer. A little bit of erroneous thinking leads to a little bit of suffering. Too much thinking leads to too much suffering. When will it ever end? Perhaps when…

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Student: How to maintain mindfulness in the day? Master: If you want to practice mindfulness, try to create different calmness in mind.…

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Stay Low in the Boatcat05

The Mind is like water that can either give a ship buoyancy or sink it. When we have the ability to generate the thoughts we desire, we are able to bring forth the life we want. When we lack mastery over our mind, we become the victim of our own mind functioning.…

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