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Who Creates and Endures Our Suffering?cat04

Wonderful teachings from the Surangama Sutra. In the following passage, the Buddha explained the two fundamental points of spiritual practice. Ananda,.... you should see clearly if the cause ground (used as) a point of departure and its fruit-ground (i.e. realization) are compatible or not. Ananda, if you use your worldly mind as a causal point of departure, you will fail in your search for the…

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Watch Out For Negative Thoughts

Imagine that you have one negative thought. Gradually, you will generate more and more negative thoughts. So, the first negative thoughts is like a newborn baby. The newborn is continually fed, and…

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The one who wants enlightenmentcat04

People want enlightenment, but it is more accurate to say that what they want is to know the person who wants enlightenment. Do not see enlightenment as a kind of experience, otherwise it will not have much meaning. Like any experience, it will go away. And you are left with nothing. If you know who wants enlightenment then you also know who suffered, and then you also know who caused the suffering. Now you can finally do…

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Summer begins, soft and colorful, Time resembles flowing light, The south wind slowly gathers blossoms in its arms. In the midst of night, flowers…

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How To Manifest A Better Reality

The human mind is always plagued by greed, anger and ignorance. This is because it has not been cleansed of habitual patterns. If your mind is not pure, how can your energy be pure? It cannot! Remember that a pure…

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