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The vast sky touches not the earthcat03

The vast sky touches not the earth, The bright moon illuminates the road Home, Green are the mountains, white are the reeds â€" Thou shall see the Collective for thyself.        

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How Does the Pain Come Fromcat02

I am occasionally asked about the nature of pain. Pain does not only occur when you are miserable, it can happen when you feel happy and energetic. Actually, the question about pain has…

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A Dilbert Momentcat04

A meeting  in corporate America... Colleague A: "The deadline for this report is tomorrow." Colleague B: "I am all booked tomorrow - can't cancel the meetings." Colleague C: "You have the analysis I sent out last week, right?" Colleague D: "If we are not done, we are not done." Colleague E: "Did we ever promise a report?" Colleague F: "No, just a memo."…

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Amusing Samsaracat03

Turn over the bed in the monk's quarters, Puncture the fantasy, the stars in the eyes; Amusing samsara in his palm, Golden Ox dances away.        

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Rely on the Meaning, not the Word.cat04

To me the teaching of reliance on meaning instead of word is not just a warning against literal interpretation of Buddha's teaching - that would be substituting our words for Buddha's words. Given our deluded state of mind, I actually prefer staying with the Buddha's words. So what gives something meaning? It seems that meaning emerges only when concepts finally meets reality and become alive. In other words, we finally…

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