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OK if I'm Not a Buddhist?cat05

While the truth is formless like the Void, it can express its existence in any form. Therefore, truth does not have to be Christian--or specifically Catholic or Protestant--nor does it have to be Islamic or Buddhist. Truth does not have to be Theraveda, Mahayana or Vajrayana Buddhism. Truth is simply the truth, and…

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New Yearcat01

Last Sunday is Chinese New Year, Chinese all over the world was celebrating this day. But what is new? what is old? Every moment is new, as master taught us "all the phenomenon generate and disappear at the same exact moment; that is the universal truth of impermanent!" So Every moment is new and every moment is leaving us right now too. You may say then there is nothing to celebrate; but why don't we look at it in a positive…

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Significance of 108: The Meaning of a Mala

A mala, a string of prayer or mantra-counting beads, tangibly expresses our desire to align with the principles of peace, love and oneness. Whether we use it as originally intended by various world cultures,…

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Dewy Grasscat05

An eternity shrouded in darkness, fearless and unmoving Dawn breaks, rays of light cascade…

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Tensions in Meditationcat02

Student:  Master, when I meditate, I have tensions in my body. What should I do? Master: The practice of meditation is…

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