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Let Go Your Attachmentscat02

Student: How to reach enlightenment? Master:  Enlightenment is a status of your mind.  When your mind has tranquility, purity and awareness,…

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I was feeling sorry for myself this morning, and I opened my email, dreading what I might find. At the top of the Sisyphean list was the Wisdom of the Week. These little nuggets are sent out to people on a distribution list who have indicated that they are interested…

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Open Mindcat02

When the purpose of your work is primarily to help people, a much greater door is opened in your reality. The capacity of your mind expands with your earnest effort to help more people. You will not only obtain material benefit but will also experience deep joy. Contrastingly, if your effort is devoted only toward yourself, the scope of your reality will be narrow If you are always focused on personal benefit, the greatest…

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Seeing the situation is seeing your mindcat01

        "Seeing the situation you are in is seeing the manifestation of your mind. No one else but yourself to blame thus take the full credit or responsibility. " This is the…

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If truth is on the other shore of the river, how do we reach it? To realize the truth, you must see every single thought that arises in your mind for what it…

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