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Have or Have Notcat04

One day a lay practitioner came to visit a Zen master and asked him, "Do heaven and hell exist?" "Yes" "How about the Buddha, the teaching, and the monastic community, do they exist?" "Yes" He went on to ask many similar questions, and the master always answered with "Yes". Puzzled, the lay practitioners said, "Master, I am afraid you are wrong." "Have you met an enlightened teacher?" "Yes, I met master Jingshan." "What…

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Mind and Emptinesscat03

Just when the Mind functions, There is no mind to function with, Without intent, the Mind simply functions, Functioning just in emptiness.        

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We Create Our Own Realitycat02

"We have self-attachment which we attach to our perceptions in mind. Whenever we encounter the reality in every single moment, based on our perceptions, we define the reality.  That…

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Better Mind, Better Phenomenacat02

Student: Master, on a very down to the earth level, we create phenomena by decisions we make.  Is that correct?  For example, we are making a decision to…

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