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Change is necessary if you want to make progress in life. If you are reluctant to change, everything including your problems will remain the same. Remember that your thoughts and explanations are excuses. They are not…

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Holiday Joy that Lastscat02

Christmas is around the corner. While running through the long shopping list for your loved ones, maintain a clear, peaceful mind will help you cope with the crowded parking lot and long check out line. Weed out negative thoughts, such as worry, fear,…

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Express Yourself!cat05

We're in the process of editing the Master's next book, The Origin Is Pure, in English. It's a fascinating process; every time I work on it, I learn something new about the Master's teaching--which I would expect--and the editorial process also gives me new understanding--which is like bonus enlightenment.…

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Set Yourself Freecat02

Who or what ties you down? Only your attachments do. No one else forces you to feel the way you have. Only your habitual thought pattern does. We present ourselves through our habitual thought patterns. The thoughts and actions of all our moments arise from those habitual thought patterns. So, in order to be free you must get rid of your prejudicial, fixed thought patterns. ~ by Zen Master Miao Tsan

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The one who wants enlightenmentcat04

People want enlightenment, but it is more accurate to say that what they want is to know the person who wants enlightenment. Do not see enlightenment as a kind of experience, otherwise it will not have much meaning. Like any experience, it will go away. And you are left with nothing. If you know who wants enlightenment then you also know who suffered, and then you also know who caused the suffering. Now you can finally do…

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