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Karma is our true legacy; it is the life we create through our thoughts and actions. Karma is the collective whole of our mind's creations. When we blame someone or something for a problem, we try to separate ourselves from…

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Light of Innate Naturecat03

The Light of Innate Nature, rarely recognized in life, Pervades all the corners of the Ocean and the edges of Heaven; It has fallen to the fetters of scattered phenomena, Have compassion for the unconsciously imprisoned.      

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East Meets West Dialoguecat02

On Monday evening, November 8th, Master Miao Tsan and Pittman McGehee spoke to over 400 attendees at Rice University's Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious…

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To the True Selfcat03

No trespassing, This place cannot be known to man; No recognition of appearances, Do not complain for the lack of courtesy. Here is the Joyful Dwelling of the True Self.      

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OK if I'm Not a Buddhist?cat05

While the truth is formless like the Void, it can express its existence in any form. Therefore, truth does not have to be Christian--or specifically Catholic or Protestant--nor does it have to be Islamic or Buddhist. Truth does not have to be Theraveda, Mahayana or Vajrayana Buddhism. Truth is simply the truth, and…

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