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Habitual Patterns

As our human minds continuously and unconsciously give rise to mind functioning, certain patterns emerge. These patterns channel our thinking in a particular, fixed direction. Every stressful experience…

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Are you free?cat04

Stop what you are doing now. Do not find substitute; do not plan to do it later. Don't let anything occupy your mind now. Are you free?

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Koan: A String of White Pearlscat04

Master Dao Qian was the attendant of the abbot, Master Shi Shuang. After Master Shi Shuang's passing, the community asked the head monk to accept abbotship. Master Dao Qian reminded the assembly, "He must have a grasp of the abbot's teaching before we can accept him." The head monk asked, "What is the teaching of the Abbot?" Dao Qian said, "The abbot used to say, Cease, begone! Rest, begone! Chill,…

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Hobby vs Practicecat02

Student: Should I put down my hobby once I become a Zen practitioner? Master: People think they need to put down their hobbies, attachments,…

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You are the Buddha!cat04

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="387" caption="Anacapa - Channel Island National Park"][/caption] Master Ling Shun visits Master Gue-Zhun and ask him: "What is the Buddha?" "If I tell you, would you believe it?" "How can I not trust master's words?" "You are the Buddha!" "How can I maintain this?" "Once…

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