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Cause and Effectcat04

Problems do not exist before you think, they appear afterward. If this moment is truly honored as it is - you will see that all is well. The moment you give the tiniest room for thinking, problems will come back. So you say if I don't think about a problem, how can I solve it? Solutions do not come from thinking, in fact, it appears when you naturally respond to a situation as it presents itself. Is thinking useful at all…

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Become Better or Worse, Your Choicecat02

Our thoughts change constantly. Our physical body changes constantly. The entire world changes constantly. This is all part of what we call impermanence. And impermanence…

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Speed up and slow downcat04

To accelerate change, first accelerate your practice. Your practice will bring together all the right ingredients. To slow down your disturbances, first calm down your mind. Do not pedal aimlessly in turbulent water.

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The Night of Autumn

A white egret flies out of autumn reeds across misty water; A swallow returns to its dry nest

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You are not alone½cat02

Able to Learn Zen is a blessing. Start to Apply Zen's teaching in daily life is double of   the blessing.  The teaching seems so direct and simple. But yet to be able…

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