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winter tea drinkcat01

  In the cold winter, a cup of nice herbal tea always make you feel great. This is a simple winter tea recipe which is warm, cleansing and without caffeine. Hope you will like it. Receipe: Dried Chrysanthemum: 3-5 pieces Dried jujube: 5 pieces…

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Calm Mindcat02

Student: How to stay calm in hectic daily activities? Master: When the situation comes up, one must first perceive the situation as it…

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What is Zen?cat02

  Student: Master, What is Zen? Master: Do you know where the wind comes from? If you know that means you are awakened. If you do not know,  try the south…

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Movement and Stillnesscat02

Student: What is the difference between a mundane person and a practitioner? Master: When a mundane person moves…

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Tensions in Meditationcat02

Student:  Master, when I meditate, I have tensions in my body. What should I do? Master: The practice of meditation is…

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