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Turn the Cornercat02

Every person has habitual thought patterns. As ordinary individuals, we are attached to the patterns we have created. However, spiritual sages remain free of such hindrances. when a…

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Koan: A String of White Pearlscat04

Master Dao Qian was the attendant of the abbot, Master Shi Shuang. After Master Shi Shuang's passing, the community asked the head monk to accept abbotship. Master Dao Qian reminded the assembly, "He must have a grasp of the abbot's teaching before we can accept him." The head monk asked, "What is the teaching of the Abbot?" Dao Qian said, "The abbot used to say, Cease, begone! Rest, begone! Chill,…

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Confused by Reasoncat04

There is a not so fine line between rational thinking and rationalization. Today you find few truly rational people who apply the power of reason and logic to seek the right course of action in life. Instead, most people abuse the gift of reason to justify their unconscious desire. Those who abuse reason almost always see themselves as rational, having little doubt in the validity of their conclusions - which is actually…

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Calmness and Wisdomcat02

Student: Does calmness make things clearer? Master:  Yes. With calmness in mind, you will be able to have more powers to generate right thoughts  to handle the reality.  Different status in mind creates different level of calmness in mind.  you treat people  differently which leads to a different result.  This is what I mean to elevate calmness and to elevate your wisdom.  After…

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How Fine To Sit on the Golden Purple Lotuscat04

"The famed poet Su Dong Po, of the Sung dynasty, composed the following verse to express his attainment: 'Prostrate to the heaven among the heavens, light of a single hair strand illuminates the universe. Imperturbable by the worldly winds, seated firmly upon the golden purple lotus.'…

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