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I am who I am?cat02

People often say, "I am who I am" but most people don't know their true self. It is more accurate to say that it is you who make yourself this way, instead of saying this way is who you are. Ultimately you are not just…

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Hunger and satisfactioncat01

I read the wisdom of the week of this week  "Just as intellectual discussion about food cannot satisfy hunger, wisdom cannot come from outside oneself."  Hunger has been the driven factor for human being for a long time, and the basic level of surviving nutrition has been…

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To solve your problem in life, you must find the cause first. The search of the cause of your problem begins with meditation. Meditation cultivates relative…

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Turn the Cornercat02

Every person has habitual thought patterns. As ordinary individuals, we are attached to the patterns we have created. However, spiritual sages remain free of such hindrances. when a…

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Karma Effet

When we blame someone for a problem, we try to separate ourselves from our karma. Can anyone really separate a phenomenon into parts? One part is us, and the other part is outside of us? A phenomenon…

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