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Better Mind, Better Phenomenacat02

Student: Master, on a very down to the earth level, we create phenomena by decisions we make.  Is that correct?  For example, we are making a decision to…

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Present Momentcat02

When we are uplifted, we do not deliberately change anything . After all, nothing is carried into this moment. Instead, we use the mind to generate a better function. If, in this moment, you can generate a smiling thought instead of a crying thought, you are actively uplifting yourself. So, each moment is one of liberation in which you are set free. It is not that you are changing a negative karma to a positive…

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I can't get no... satisfactioncat04

How about this modified lyric to the Rolling Stone song? I can't get no satisfaction even if I get satisfaction I can't get no true peace of heart 'cuz real peace is beyond satisfaction n' dissatisfaction.

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True Respectcat04

The true respect is the respect that is really generated due to your respect to the truth of the universe. Once you have the understanding of the universal truth you will understand the respect should be generated sincerely from your heart and should extended to everyone. arrogance…

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New book coming soon: "just use this mind"cat02

Great news... The new English book, "just use this mind", written by Rev. Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) will be available in October 2010. You may pre-order it from Amazon now

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