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You are the Buddha!cat04

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="387" caption="Anacapa - Channel Island National Park"][/caption] Master Ling Shun visits Master Gue-Zhun and ask him: "What is the Buddha?" "If I tell you, would you believe it?" "How can I not trust master's words?" "You are the Buddha!" "How can I maintain this?" "Once…

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Right Understanding

When an undesirable situation occurs and you blame someone else, this is the wrong understand of reality. Without the , you will naturally assume that someone else has caused the problem. Unfortunately,…

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Peaceful Mind Peaceful Worldcat02

Student:  There are wars in some countries.  Is a peaceful world foreseeable? Master:  Yes, practice meditation more.  If every…

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Human Physicscat04

In physics every action triggers a reaction; in human beings, every reaction strengthens the triggering action. Therefore anger never works because how matter how anger is expressed or channeled, it always brings back the undesirable. Only by dissolving the reaction at the source can you find a way out.

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Nirvana By Nauture

People tend to solve life's problem by solving external issues, but fail to grasp the roots of their problems. These problems are the habits and attachments within the mind. So, remember that the best way to change…

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