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Change For The Better

The ancient masters said we should try to abide in impermanence. How is that possible? The answer is to keep creating a better future. Each moment is your creation, so the…

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Why Enlightenment Is Important?cat02

Like it or not, we have been trapped in the limited view of our own habit­ual thinking patterns. We have been away from our true self for so so long. Don't you want to be free from chaos? Don't you want to be liberated for a better and happier life? Think deeply..…

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Sleepy in Meditationcat02

Student: When I practice meditation after work, I am very tired.  Sometimes it is too hard.  What should I do? Master:…

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Wandering Thoughtscat02

Student:  How do I deal with wandering thoughts during the meditation? Master:  When we are practicing…

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The Better The Mind Is, The Better The Phenomena Will Be

We tend to think, "I make decisions based on my concepts and intentions." This is not true. The decisions are already present in your mind as concepts and beliefs. Unless the basis of your decision in your mind…

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