Where Is Our True Home?

Where is our true home? The true home is not the physical household where you live. It's the true self within each one of us. It's the precious diamond that we all possess. But we totally forgot about it until someday you ask yourself, what the purpose of life or what am I here for. You start to find out what's missing. Then you realize a scary fact, My goodness, I don't even know who I am! How to find our true self? We have been away from our home for so so long. Where to find the way home? Fortunately, Zen Master Miao Tsan has the map for us. "The purpose of Zen training is to return us to our true home--our primordial nature, the Pure Mind where life is eternal and mind and matter are one. Only in this true home can we become the master of our own mind and thoughts. Subduing our habitual, wandering thoughts and letting go of our attachment to worldly things and events requires diligent practice. This is a profound truth: 'Each drop of water contains the taste of all water; every moment contains the sign of all existence.' All Zen practitioners should focus on training the mind from moment to moment in order to eradicate the unconscious pattern of mind functioning and self-attach­ment. The Mind already possesses all the wisdom. For those who practice it, meditation is a means by which attach­ments can be transformed to bring about a peaceful, harmonious life and relationships. The most concrete way to apply Zen training to our lives is to correctly use meditation to transform our habitual, delusory thoughts and bring that heightened level of awareness into our daily life. It is very effective in clarifying the core of life's issues and changing the course of life so that we can be liberated from the cyclical existence of the false 'I.'"

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