Ho Ho Ho, Just Use This Mind

While we approach the end of 2010, many thanks to you all who visit the site/blog and/or provide valuable comments/suggestions. We value and enjoy your visits. Please join us again the coming new year. We would like to share a Zen story taught by Master Miao Tsan as the last chapter of the year. "Compassion of Zen masters -- Generations of Zen masters, after attaining the realization of the Way, have attempted to liberate beings through various skillful means. While some masters employ unusual behaviors and styles of teaching, their con­duct is always for the purpose of teaching all beings the universal truth that they have realized. They are no longer attached to false I-consciousness but are able to express the universal truth in every action. Take the famous Koan known as 'Golden Ox, Rice Bucket.' Each day, just before the noon meal, the monk known as Golden Ox would dance in front of the dining hall with a rice bucket, laughing out loud, 'Bodhisattvas! Come eat!' This went on for twenty years. If the purpose was to announce the arrival of meal time, hitting the gong or the wooden fish would suffice, so why bother with the dancing and the spectacle? The skillful means deployed by masters are for no other reason than to help each student take direct responsibility for himself, reminding him of the commitment to seek the realization of the truth of birth and death for himself, in every moment of the day and with each single thought." Practice is in every breath, every thought, and every action -- just use this mind. Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Fa Hwa

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