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I can't get no... satisfactioncat04

How about this modified lyric to the Rolling Stone song? I can't get no satisfaction even if I get satisfaction I can't get no true peace of heart 'cuz real peace is beyond satisfaction n' dissatisfaction.

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Better Reality

  Each of us wants a better reality, so we must handle every situation with calmness of mind. Emotion is only for those who can neither accept their reality nor…

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Open the Mind, Open the Realmcat02

  Student: Master, you mentioned about opening your mind in order to open the realm.  How do we open our mind?" Master: The understanding…

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Four Star Daycat05

Encounters with certain people, for example, may tend to trigger confrontational interactions. While we can easily justify our dislike of another person, the real question worth asking is why does this person manifest in our reality in…

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The "I" represents the ego. The ego is the beginning of duality. And duality means separating inside and outside, self and others. So, dualistic thinking indicates the presence of ego. No matter how you try to…

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