Karma and Me?!

Student: What does karma got to do with our life? Master: We have a saying, "Every carrot has its own hole." The hole is waiting for the carrot. We think that we can make a decision. No, your karma drives you to fit into the hole, the right spot. When you get to the hole, the reality completes. Think about this. Our future is like a farm field. Lot of carrots are planted in the field. In every single moment, you are the carrot. You are going to fit into every single moment's hole which belongs to you. They are waiting for you. This is karma. In one day, we have countless of thoughts but we don't even realize we have thoughts. Do you think," I realize my life, I make my decision and I am going to move this direction?" No. It is the karma. Our life has been tied down by our karma, habitual thinking patterns and all the energy which we created in our mind from the past life time. If you don't practice, automatically you, this carrot, will fit into the right hole and the right spot. There is no other place you can go. Every single moment we fit into the right spot. It is because of the karma. So uplift yourself and practice and practice hard.

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