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Student: Master, how to apply "nothing beyond the mind" in our daily life? Master: When we see something, we see the function of our mind and we see different portions of ourselves. When we hear something, it is because our mind opens the channel and allows us to hear something. No matter what we see or what we hear, it is nothing beyond our own creation, nothing beyond our own karma and nothing beyond our own mind. This means our mind manifests our karma. Your mind is manifesting your own karma, your own voice, and your own phenomena. It is because nothing is beyond the mind. Thus, we need to practice "nothing beyond the mind" every day.  This is a very important practice. We should bring everything together and put everything in our minds. When we see a view, a person's good aspects or bad things, it is because our mind is connected to the realm. Our minds create the realm, and our minds are connected to it. Accordingly, our mind is manifesting the realm. The "realm," in this sense, encompasses the phenomenon. If you have anger in daily life, it means you have already separated yourself from oneness and become two portions. You have completely forgotten the meaning of oneness. You have also forgotten what "nothing beyond the mind" means. You have separated your physical body and recognized one portion as "my concept, my idea and my physical body," and then you isolated this portion of yourself. Based on the concept, you do not want to accept what is occurring right now. However, isn't what is happening right now reality? Yes, it is. You can never push the reality aside. Reality is the reality of right now. According to your habitual ego concept, you separate yourself from the oneness, but meanwhile you do not want to accept what is happening at that moment. You live with duality. In this very moment, you should tell yourself, "I am creating the situation for myself." Put down the ego and accept the reality, so that two portions become one. Nothing is beyond the mind. When we practice this way, we bring everything together. Because we have an ego, we separate ourselves from oneness. If we practice this way--nothing beyond the mind--we realize that what we see or hear is part of ourselves. Thus we are able to bring everything together and become one, without separation, and we have an opportunity to put everything together to become one. This is very important. That is what I tell the students. We should practice this way: nothing beyond the mind.    

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  1. Frank:
    Jun 02, 2011 at 07:32 PM

    What a smart way of thinking; we can all benefit from this teaching.

    1. naishin:
      Jun 07, 2011 at 08:26 PM

      Thanks for the feedback! Please visit us often.

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