How To Deal With Difficult Relationship?

pic178 It is necessary to open your mind in order to understand phenomena and your purpose in life. The Mind is formless, but it can manifest phenomena. A different state of mind will create different phenomena. So, open your mind by recognizing that any limitation in the world of phenomena is manifested by a similar limitation in your mind. For example, you have a difficult relationship with someone, how can you fix it? Your mind is manifesting the difficulty. In order to remove the problem, you must open up from within and remove the inner obstacles. When you pinpoint the phenomenon and trace it back to its origin, you can open your mind. Remember, phenomena are created by the Mind. Use the difficulty to reflect inwardly. If you uplift yourself and purify your mind, your relationships will be purified as well. If you continue to uplift yourself, the tangles in your relationships will dissolve. ¶ by Zen Master Miao Tsan

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