Seeking a Complete, Fulfilling Life?

The new book, just use this mind, written by Zen Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) can guide you to the right path. "To move from this chaos toward freedom, the first thing we have to do is correct how we think and get rid of our attachment to our old, erroneous ideas. A Zen practitioner must replace false concepts with the right view of the truth, gain mastery over wandering thoughts and habits, and dedicate himself to training in his daily life. Once the confu­sion caused by the old mental habits is completely lifted and the true nature of the Mind is revealed, we can live our life according to the universal principle of life. When we live in this new way, we live as an awakened one, just like the Bodhisattvas and the Buddhas, for the benefit of ourselves and of all beings--in every moment, through every thought and action. Practicing Zen can gradually teach you to recognize that all negativity in your life comes from your own thoughts and actions. You can learn to take responsibility for unpleasant experiences. Once you understand and can acknowledge that your present situation is the result of your past action, you naturally stop assigning blame to others for the suffering experienced in a dualistic world. When you know yourself as the sole creator of your life's situations, you're better equipped to find the appropriate ways to deal with future interactions. This change in your thinking and approach prevents the repetition of problems. The Mind is both the entry to life as well as the exit for all our problems. So, to change our life and resolve our prob­lems, we must start with the Mind--the source of all phenomena--by changing our thoughts."

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