Wisdom of Master: How to Reach the Other Shore?

When we define the truth, we are losing the truth. Put down all the definition. Without any definition,we reach the other shore. In every single moment, the truth is there, but our definition pushes the truth away. It is unnecessary to put any definition. Reality is reality. Truth is truth, no more and no less. But we tend to put our definition on top of it. Every wondering thought is like a water drop dripping into the river. It creates ripple and disturbs the still water. That is what the suffering coming from. When we meditate, pay no attention to wondering thoughts, then we are in the other shore. Mind without attachment is like water can fit into all types of container. Let go of attachment, wisdom will surface up by itself. A flexible mind will speed up the journey of reaching the other shore. ¶ Rev. Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao)

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