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What is Truth?cat02

The new book, just use this mind, written by Zen Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) tells it all. "No theory or spiritual figure--regardless of his or her level of realization--can convey anything higher than the truth. No speaker--or the ideas he expresses--can go beyond the scope of the truth. Any…

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Real Happinesscat02

Student: What is happiness that comes from within? Master:  If we have happiness comes from within, we call it "Dharma Joy".  That…

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Speed up and slow downcat04

To accelerate change, first accelerate your practice. Your practice will bring together all the right ingredients. To slow down your disturbances, first calm down your mind. Do not pedal aimlessly in turbulent water.

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Right Seed, Right Result

Planting the right seed is the only way to guarantee that the right fruit will be harvested. Take one step at a time as you face your true self. Do not belittle small good deeds. Intention is like a door within the mind.…

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Ho Ho Ho, Just Use This Mindcat02

While we approach the end of 2010, many thanks to you all who visit the site/blog and/or provide valuable comments/suggestions. We value and enjoy your visits. Please join us again the coming new year. We would like to share a Zen story taught…

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