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Very Difficult and Very Easycat05

Abbot's Words of Wisdom: Zen practice is very difficult, but also very easy. If you always look at others it is very difficult, if you always…

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Koan: Fire seeking firecat04

The warden of the monastery had long been in the presence of Master Yuan Yi, yet never once asked for dharma instruction in person. One day Master Yuan Yi asked the warden, "Why don't you come for an interview?" "Abbot, you don't know?! I already found the entry point to the Way when I studied at Green Forest." "Well, then show me." "Someone asked "What is the Buddha?" Master Green Forest said, "Fire seeking fire."" "Words…

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Pure Mind

If you focus your cultivation on the mind, you can eventually find peace. A peaceful mind will bring forth a better reality. If you have peace, you will know how to make better decisions. You will enjoy better…

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Calmness and Wisdomcat02

Student: Does calmness make things clearer? Master:  Yes. With calmness in mind, you will be able to have more powers to generate right thoughts  to handle the reality.  Different status in mind creates different level of calmness in mind.  you treat people  differently which leads to a different result.  This is what I mean to elevate calmness and to elevate your wisdom.  After…

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