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The reason to let gocat02

A student asked me, "Master, how can I let go of my attachments? If I let go, what will be left?" Consider the moon and the star. They continue to light the sky as you sleep.…

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Wisdom Within You

Just as intellectual discussion about food cannot satisfy hunger, wisdom cannot come from outside oneself. When we blame someone or something for a problem, we are trying to separate ourselves from our karma.…

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A Zen Recipe for Holiday Peace, 'Tis the Sea-ZENcat02

Cheryl Alexander, Change Magazine Editor, speaks to Master Miao Tsan on November 8, on what Zen means for the holidays. Very interesting topic. Please click on the link,…

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How to Find Happiness?cat02

Everyone is looking for happiness. But do we really know what is happiness and/or how to find it? The new book, just use this mind, written by Zen Master Miao Tsan has a sounding explanation for it. "The most important issue today is the over-emphasis of materi­alistic pursuits. The thought that brings…

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What Do I Think about the Teaching?cat04

"As you read [Just Use This Mind], do not filter these concepts through your past experiences. There is a Zen saying, "To intend is already off-base; to think misses the truth." In other words, open your mind completely to the present moment. Only the manifestation in the present moment…

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