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What is your next thought?cat04

Do you know what it will be? Is it your decision? Don't try to answer this mentally. Let's just experiment now½ Keep your mind very steady and free of all concerns and wait for the next idea/thought to pop in. ½½ ½½ What thought came in? Clearly you did not consciously think it since you just wait for it. So where did this thought come from? If not you, then who?

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How to smooth out a tough relationship?cat02

  In life, we all run into situation that is hard to deal with.  Screaming or Pulling our hairs won't do any good.  Should we accept it as is and move on?  Or there is a better…

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Significance of 108: The Meaning of a Mala

A mala, a string of prayer or mantra-counting beads, tangibly expresses our desire to align with the principles of peace, love and oneness. Whether we use it as originally intended by various world cultures,…

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Four Reliance: Part I - Rely on the Teaching, not the Personcat04

This morning I had the idea of writing about the Four Reliance, inspired by a friend who recently broke with his spiritual group. I have seen this happened often enough that I wondered what went wrong? I guess the Buddha had foreseen the confusion that future practitioners will be facing and therefore taught the Four Reliance in order to help us all stay on the right path. The Four Reliance are: Rely on the…

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A Master's Blessingcat02

Once a Zen master was invited to bless a grandfather's birthday celebration. The Master wrote, "Grandfather dies, father dies; son dies, grandson dies." The grandfather was very upset by this…

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