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Wondering about wandering thoughtscat02

Student: Where do wandering thoughts come from during meditation? Master: Every single moment your mind is working for you, and every…

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To keep a fresh mindcat04

Zen has the idea of the beginner's mind - a mind that is fresh and alive. Sometimes I wonder how you can practice beginner's mind when meditation is all about focusing on one thing only - it seems a very stagnant way of using the mind. One would at first think to practice beginner's mind is to keep it moving, keep everything "new". But actually the best way is just the opposite; it is only through repetitiveness that we…

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How to Uplift Yourselfcat02

Use the mind in positive ways. Constantly improve its expression. The past is already the past. The past “you” was a creation of the mind. The past “you” is gone. The present “you” is the expression of the mind solely for this moment. Each moment is a separate phenomenon. The Zen patriarchs said, “If you are lost in the previous thought, you are a sentient being; but if in the next moment you awaken to your…

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We do not deliberately change anything when we are uplifted. We use the mind to generate a better function. If, in the moment, you can generate a smiling thought instead of a crying thought, you are actively…

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Going to Sleep on the Selfcat04

You do something because a thought came to you. It came to you because you saw others do something. Since your thought is a product of another's thought and your action is a product of another's action, where is the real you in this picture? This is how we go to sleep to our true Self. We think and act unconsciously, like tennis balls bouncing off somebody else's racket and wall. The question is this: if you drop all thoughts,…

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