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Image After Imagecat03

Move image, image moving, image after image arising, Water waves, waves on water, ripple after ripple born, Empty the mind, the mind of emptiness, Emptiness just is,…

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OK if I'm Not a Buddhist?cat05

While the truth is formless like the Void, it can express its existence in any form. Therefore, truth does not have to be Christian--or specifically Catholic or Protestant--nor does it have to be Islamic or Buddhist. Truth does not have to be Theraveda, Mahayana or Vajrayana Buddhism. Truth is simply the truth, and…

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Mind the Body, Mind the Mindcat04

Feel your body right now and notice any tension that is present. Now try to become conscious of how your mind creates that tension in the body. This is the practice of the Mind teaching of Zen because without the mind, the body won't be alive; without the mind, the body will not have tension nor comfort. If reality is our creation, then this body is certainly a Mind-made reality. If we cannot realize the inseparable nature…

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Harmful Thoughts

You cannot build a good life with negative thoughts, because negative thoughts are the root of disease and misery. If you are unhappy, that unhappiness is proof that you have taken the wrong approach.…

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Change For The Better

The ancient masters said we should try to abide in impermanence. How is that possible? The answer is to keep creating a better future. Each moment is your creation, so the…

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