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The Flower Of The Self

  Thousand - foot waterfall flows into the deep pond; High waves hit off the bank and splash onto deities. Behind the water a bird flies back to its nest in a tree; Unencumbered by the four seasons, the flower of the…

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Everything is in youcat02

Student: What does propagating the Dharma mean? Master: The propagation of Dharma does not concentrate on a particular form: books,…

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Cover the Eyescat04

One day, a monk noticed that Zen Master Yao-shan was reading the sutra. "Master, you normally don't allow us to read sutra. Why are you reading sutra yourself?" The monk asked. "Oh, I read only to cover my eyes." "So can I do that too?" The monk asked. Master Yao-shan said to the monk: "For you, you must see through cowhides."

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Slow Down...cat02

Student:  How to get started,  in order to change my habitual thinking patterns? Master: Reconstruct.  The thinking…

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Eventually we must clean up every opinion and every like and dislike in us. They will all become junk. All junks are self created like the piles of stuff in our garage. Remember, we are the ones who brought them home.

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