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Real Happinesscat02

Student: What is happiness that comes from within? Master:  If we have happiness comes from within, we call it "Dharma Joy".  That…

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Time to Practice!cat04

Master Miao Tsan in his upcoming book The Origin is Pure wrote: Whenever you feel stranded by external environment, in reality you are trapped by your internal thoughts. Do you recognize this truth in your own life? Can you identify the internal thought and let it go? It's time to practice!!  

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When you think someone or something is annoying, the truth is that "you" make him annoying and "you" make the situation an issue and suffer in it; the "annoying" person may not have any clue what's going…

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Very Difficult and Very Easycat05

Abbot's Words of Wisdom: Zen practice is very difficult, but also very easy. If you always look at others it is very difficult, if you always…

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Ho Ho Ho, Just Use This Mindcat02

While we approach the end of 2010, many thanks to you all who visit the site/blog and/or provide valuable comments/suggestions. We value and enjoy your visits. Please join us again the coming new year. We would like to share a Zen story taught…

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