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The one who wants enlightenmentcat04

People want enlightenment, but it is more accurate to say that what they want is to know the person who wants enlightenment. Do not see enlightenment as a kind of experience, otherwise it will not have much meaning. Like any experience, it will go away. And you are left with nothing. If you know who wants enlightenment then you also know who suffered, and then you also know who caused the suffering. Now you can finally do…

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The Gift of Lifecat04

Taking a walk in the early morning, I noticed the morning dew on the grass. Each blade of grass gets its own drops; every leaf has its time in the sun. Every plant can only be where it stands - take in what is given and grow from that, nothing else. It is ludicrous to worry about not having enough or wonder what if it is somewhere else. "This" is the gift of life - or perhaps the curse of life, the karma, the reality -…

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What Is Zen?cat02

From East to West, Zen has been a sizzling topic. Depends on individual background, different people have different understanding of what Zen is. With a right understanding to begin with is very critical to avoid wasting time and effort. What is Zen actually?…

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Right Understanding

When an undesirable situation occurs and you blame someone else, this is the wrong understand of reality. Without the , you will naturally assume that someone else has caused the problem. Unfortunately,…

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Karma of Fearcat04

In Buddhism, there is the teaching of karma. It is often explained like the financial system - if you take from someone, you have to pay back. If you have given to someone in the past, then he or she will pay you back. Such understanding of karma is based on fear and greed. On one hand if life demands a lot from you, then you call that a bad or heavy karma; if situation and people tend to accommodate or favor you, then…

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