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How can we let go?cat02

The mind is formless, but we allow it to become occupied by habitual thought patterns. So, how can we let go? I will show you. If I hold an apple in my hand but reach for…

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Reality is Realitycat02

Reality is reality. Reality is like your hands, which are yours alone. If your hands are rough, what can you do? You can not get rid of them. The same is…

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Everything is in youcat02

Student: What does propagating the Dharma mean? Master: The propagation of Dharma does not concentrate on a particular form: books,…

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The Key To Learning

As our human minds continuously and unconsciously give rise to mind functioning, certain patterns emerge. These patterns channel our thinking in a particular, fixed direction. Every stressful experience in our lives emerges…

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Positive Relationshipcat02

Student: Should we have all the relationship around us be…

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