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Gains and Lossescat04

Don't see a situation in terms of gains and losses, instead realize it is only reflecting what you have created. Nothing is ever given, nothing is ever taken away.

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Trees Don't Suffercat05

You inevitably make your own suffering. No one can make you suffer. A little bit of erroneous thinking leads to a little bit of suffering. Too much thinking leads to too much suffering. When will it ever end? Perhaps when…

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The vast sky touches not the earthcat03

The vast sky touches not the earth, The bright moon illuminates the road Home, Green are the mountains, white are the reeds â€" Thou shall see the Collective for thyself.        

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Change Thoughtscat02

Student: How does the thought affect our life? Master: We are unconsciously driven by how we think, and how we think determines the feelings…

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Change is necessary if you want to make progress in life. If you are reluctant to change, everything including your problems will remain the same. Remember that your thoughts and explanations are excuses. They are not…

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