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Pure Mind

If you focus your cultivation on the mind, you can eventually find peace. A peaceful mind will bring forth a better reality. If you have peace, you will know how to make better decisions. You will enjoy better…

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Look Withincat02

No event in any external situation can affect your negatively unless you allow it to. Situations bother you because you generate restless thoughts based on habitual patterns.…

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Set Your Directioncat02

We create our own reality. Your reality is the world you mind has created. Every person possesses a mind. The Mind is formless but can generate…

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The True Elephantcat03

Blind touching the elephant, nothing like the elephant, Image in the broken mirror, no longer true; Speculating, wondering, running in circles, Turn around…

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Dewy Grasscat05

An eternity shrouded in darkness, fearless and unmoving Dawn breaks, rays of light cascade…

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