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Karma is our true legacy; it is the life we create through our thoughts and actions. Karma is the collective whole of our mind's creations. When we blame someone or something for a problem, we try to separate ourselves from…

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Going Around In Circles Forevercat05

  Does it sometimes feel as if you are just caught up in the same routine, endlessly repeating the same mundane actions over and over? Seeing the same sights? Doing the same things? Eating the same foods? Surrounded by the same…

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The True Elephantcat03

Blind touching the elephant, nothing like the elephant, Image in the broken mirror, no longer true; Speculating, wondering, running in circles, Turn around…

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If truth is on the other shore of the river, how do we reach it? To realize the truth, you must see every single thought that arises in your mind for what it…

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If our lives have difficulties in our relationships and other situations, it indicates that we are tied down by habitual thought patterns. So, we must open up a better reality. First, though, we must open our…

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