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What Is Zen?cat02

From East to West, Zen has been a sizzling topic. Depends on individual background, different people have different understanding of what Zen is. With a right understanding to begin with is very critical to avoid wasting time and effort. What is Zen actually?…

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Purify Your Mind

People tend to assume that spirituality and the mundane life are separate, but this is not so. Spirituality and the mundane are of one mind. We use the same mind whether we engage in spiritual…

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Realize The Mind Through The Form

No matter what we are doing or thinking right now, the only thing we should do is to manifest the reality based on the purity of our mind. This means that we do everything to match the purity of our mind and to…

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Minding My Mannerscat05

The Mind is both the entry to life as well as the exit for all our problems. So to change our life and resolve out problems, we must start with the Mind--the source of all phenomena--by changing our thoughts.* Recently, I caught myself whining that my children were not using particularly nice table manners.…

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Present Momentcat02

When we are uplifted, we do not deliberately change anything . After all, nothing is carried into this moment. Instead, we use the mind to generate a better function. If, in this moment, you can generate a smiling thought instead of a crying thought, you are actively uplifting yourself. So, each moment is one of liberation in which you are set free. It is not that you are changing a negative karma to a positive…

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