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Movement and Stillnesscat02

Student: What is the difference between a mundane person and a practitioner? Master: When a mundane person moves…

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The way we seecat04

The way we see is the way we go blind. Seeing always involves some evaluation, and any evaluation one makes can never be one hundred percent accurate and it always changes with time. The perfect evaluation, if there is such thing, is to make no evaluation, to have no opinion other than accepting the way things manifest right now. This is not yet the truth but at least the best approximation our ego can manage. To let go the…

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Do you sleep well?cat04

Have you noticed how a child live? She plays hard, cries out loud, enjoys each and every moment without hang ups and inhibitions. She never holds grudge against your moods and attachments, and she lets bygones be bygones. She has no judgments or label on people or things. She is at peace within herself. And when the day is done, we say good night, she sleeps deep and sweet. Are you at peace? Can you hold your emotions in…

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Right Understanding

When an undesirable situation occurs and you blame someone else, this is the wrong understand of reality. Without the , you will naturally assume that someone else has caused the problem. Unfortunately,…

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Why you have to let go?cat02

Everything your mind generates appears and disappears simultaneously. Thoughts, feelings and phenomena appear and disappear simultaneously. Consider the sound that occurs as…

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