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True Selfcat02

Your true self is the Mind, which is formless. Your true self exists behind your physical form. It exists behind your personality and ideas. It exists everywhere and can manifest all energy forms.…

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Truth in full bloom, arisen in Mind alone. Moons in a thousand rivers, illumined in emptiness - awareness; Should…

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You are not alone½cat02

Able to Learn Zen is a blessing. Start to Apply Zen's teaching in daily life is double of   the blessing.  The teaching seems so direct and simple. But yet to be able…

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Positive Relationshipcat02

Student: Should we have all the relationship around us be…

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There is No Icat05

As a followup to the "Real I" post a couple days a go, I've been trying to figure out how to put it into practice in daily life. To understand in theory…

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