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Looking for a Better you?cat02

Do you want to improve yourself? Yes. Then we need to realize the meaning of impermanence--every single moment is changing. The thought is changing; our physical body is changing; the environment is changing. People have fears that they are going to lose…

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Realize The Mind Through The Form

No matter what we are doing or thinking right now, the only thing we should do is to manifest the reality based on the purity of our mind. This means that we do everything to match the purity of our mind and to…

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New Yearcat01

Last Sunday is Chinese New Year, Chinese all over the world was celebrating this day. But what is new? what is old? Every moment is new, as master taught us "all the phenomenon generate and disappear at the same exact moment; that is the universal truth of impermanent!" So Every moment is new and every moment is leaving us right now too. You may say then there is nothing to celebrate; but why don't we look at it in a positive…

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Everything is in youcat02

Student: What does propagating the Dharma mean? Master: The propagation of Dharma does not concentrate on a particular form: books,…

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Merit and the Mindcat02

Student:  Does cleaning Buddha statues create more merit then sweeping the floor? Master: Dharma is everything; everything is dharma. It…

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