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The realm of the knowablecat04

What we really know in each moment is very limited. All we can say for sure at any given moment is that we see a world around us, we feel the sensation of a body, and that there are thoughts floating through our consciousness. This is the extend of what is knowable. To go beyond that is dealing with concepts, not truth.  

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Meet Larry Paynecat05

When you pick up a book, it seems to have a power that goes beyond the passivity of ink on paper. It emanates energy, beckoning you to read, promising entertainment, education or enlightenment. Much like a prayer shawl that holds the intention of the creator, a…

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Nirvana By Nauture

People tend to solve life's problem by solving external issues, but fail to grasp the roots of their problems. These problems are the habits and attachments within the mind. So, remember that the best way to change…

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The way we seecat04

The way we see is the way we go blind. Seeing always involves some evaluation, and any evaluation one makes can never be one hundred percent accurate and it always changes with time. The perfect evaluation, if there is such thing, is to make no evaluation, to have no opinion other than accepting the way things manifest right now. This is not yet the truth but at least the best approximation our ego can manage. To let go the…

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Learn From Mistake

Face the truth within you, so you can transform your karma. Every obstacle that manifests in our life is simply a reflection of our inner stagnation. When we use our mind improperly, we create karma that leads to suffering.…

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