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Projection Makes Perceptioncat04

The world we see merely reflects our own internal frame of reference-the dominant ideas, wishes and emotions in our minds. "Projection makes perception". We look inside first, decide the kind of world we want to see and then project that world outside, making it the truth as we see it. ¶ A Course in Miracles ¶   How can we practice this? Always challenge our perception and remember, "It does not have…

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Problem? Whom to Blame?cat02

When problem encountered, the first reaction we have is "all his/her fault". And that we act like we are the victim of the event. Sounds familiar? I am too who went through the same pattern in my entire life until learned Zen's teaching from Master…

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The Answer Is In The Question?!!cat02

I was amazed when I heard the phrase long time ago. Today still is from Zen Master Miao Tsan's teaching... "There is a Zen saying that 'the answer is in the question.' The answer will present itself when there is a true understanding of the root of the question.…

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Turn the Cornercat02

Every person has habitual thought patterns. As ordinary individuals, we are attached to the patterns we have created. However, spiritual sages remain free of such hindrances. when a…

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