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I can't get no... satisfactioncat04

How about this modified lyric to the Rolling Stone song? I can't get no satisfaction even if I get satisfaction I can't get no true peace of heart 'cuz real peace is beyond satisfaction n' dissatisfaction.

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Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts, big or small, have a huge impact on your mind. A mind that is flooded with negative thoughts is absorbed by selfishness. You must stop the flow of negative thoughts. You can do it through introspection…

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Karma Effet

When we blame someone for a problem, we try to separate ourselves from our karma. Can anyone really separate a phenomenon into parts? One part is us, and the other part is outside of us? A phenomenon…

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Gate Keepercat04

Every difficult situation always leads you to a single thought that you cannot go beyond. "I can't do this." "There is not enough time." "He is so controlling." "I have to ....." " I can't..... " "I should..... shouldn't......" "It's impossible to ...." "I don't care....." "Why can't he understand?" "People are just lazy.".... Whatever the thought is, it is like a gate keeper. No matter what you try, you will always come…

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Way to the Truthcat02

Remember that the truth cannot be perceived through habitual thinking. The truth exists for all time and in all realms. You will not find it by floundering on the sea of worry and confusion.…

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