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Six Sensescat02

Student: Master, how do the six senses come from? Master: Every single person possesses a mind.  The mind knows everything and manifests…

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Seeking Immortality?cat02

If you ask a child what he/she likes to be when he/she grows up. The answer varies. If you ask Zen practitioners what they like to be. All answers point to the same one: become an enlighten being and reach immortality. How to reach it with a right understanding?…

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I was sick last week, very sick. At that time I do have the chance really spend some quality time with Master Miao Tsan's book. When I read " Physical body is the reflection…

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Student: How to maintain mindfulness in the day? Master: If you want to practice mindfulness, try to create different calmness in mind.…

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Real Practicecat02

Student: Master, how to apply "nothing beyond the mind" in our daily life? Master: When we see something, we see the function…

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