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Flexible Mind Leads to Realitycat02

Most of the time, we are occupied by our own judgment. We define the person we see and circumstances we encountered. We live in our own definition. Sad but true. Master Miao Tsan in his new book tells a Koan (story) to let us know why we are who we are and…

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Rely on Wisdom, not Discriminationcat04

Instead of using my discriminating mind to explain this teaching, it is far more interesting present a Zen koan that helps us see the meaning of wisdom and discrimination. One day a monk came to visit a Zen master. He asked, "Master, what is the mysterious way of the Buddha?" "Please don't say that I understand Buddha dharma." The master replied. "But what if I have questions?" "Why don't you ask me?" "I just did!" The…

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New book coming soon: "just use this mind"cat02

Great news... The new English book, "just use this mind", written by Rev. Master Miao Tsan (Jian Liao) will be available in October 2010. You may pre-order it from Amazon now

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Rely on Universal Truth, not conventional truth.cat04

The common explanation of this teaching is always with regard to the written words of the Buddha, who taught what many considered as conventional truths - concepts and practices that addressed only particular situations. The sutras, the recorded teachings of the Buddha, has therefore been categorized into those containing conventional truths and those containing universal truth that is without exception. The recommendation…

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Looking Forwardcat05

Happy New Year! A new year is like a new chapter in life. It marks a time to reflect and abandon old habits, and start anew. People always seem to have this mentality: "I am looking forward…

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