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Dettach From Phenomena

We have many issues in our lives. It is fair to say that every person has his or her own challenge. Each of us has built a wall, so it is our personal task to knock it down. This is a challenge, but…

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How to smooth out a tough relationship?cat02

  In life, we all run into situation that is hard to deal with.  Screaming or Pulling our hairs won't do any good.  Should we accept it as is and move on?  Or there is a better…

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The world, which includes our bodies, thought, feelings, perceptions, relationships, and physical environments, is the simultaneously appearing and vanishing display of the formless, boundless…

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Why you have to let go?cat02

Everything your mind generates appears and disappears simultaneously. Thoughts, feelings and phenomena appear and disappear simultaneously. Consider the sound that occurs as…

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Who Creates and Endures Our Suffering?cat04

Wonderful teachings from the Surangama Sutra. In the following passage, the Buddha explained the two fundamental points of spiritual practice. Ananda,.... you should see clearly if the cause ground (used as) a point of departure and its fruit-ground (i.e. realization) are compatible or not. Ananda, if you use your worldly mind as a causal point of departure, you will fail in your search for the…

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