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Not to die to the lifeless selfcat03

Not to die to the lifeless self, then the immortal nature cannot come alive; Not quite alive to the immortal, then one has not quite died to the lifeless; To live with what is alive and to die to what is dead is only half correct, To die to the living so the dead…

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Two Realities?cat02

Student: What is dualistic thinking? Master: In every single moment, we live with two realities. Based on our self-attachment…

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The "Real" Zen Hall

When students have problems or difficulties. My first and best instruction is simply advise them to enter the Zen hall, whether at a Zen center or just a quiet place in your home, burn incense, make prostration,…

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Must see, 18 Arhat Arrived in Monasterycat02

18 Arhat statues from China are arrived in theVairocana Zen Monastery. Some of them are in the Zen garden. Some are around the Monastery. Their facial expression and posture make them like real. It's just incredible. Pictures can be viewed from the link,

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