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Let sky be the sky Let water be the water Let body be the body Let thought be the thought Let heat be the heat Let cold be the cold What's left? Nothing but the awareness…

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Dettach From Phenomena

We have many issues in our lives. It is fair to say that every person has his or her own challenge. Each of us has built a wall, so it is our personal task to knock it down. This is a challenge, but…

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If the Light of who you are is not in everyday mind, then you won't find it anywhere else because from the beginning, not a thing is.cat04

So what is this everyday mind? It is in the sound of a coffee machine and ringing cell phone. It is in the warmth of your chest and the tingling in your elbows. It is the computer screen and the people around you. It is the angel and the devil that talk in your head. It is the irritation in your gut and the urge to take a breath. It is in the air you breathe and the chair you sit on. It is the formless container from which…

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"I" and Discriminationcat02

    The notion of "I" is a form of discrimination. We try to understand the world and ourselves through our discrimination. Because of the ego, our opinions, comparisons…

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A Cup of Teacat05

My mother always told me a watched pot never boils. She said I would always find what I was looking for in the last place I looked. I wanted to understand what she meant, but the truth of her statements eluded me. Of course the pot would boil. Of course I…

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